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    Battery died in 30 hours in a '13 SEL

    Went to start the car this morning for the wife and it was dead. Measured 3 volts on the battery. Nothing lit up inside the cabin. It took about 15 mins or so to get it to start off our other car. I tried it every 5 minutes or so and the car finally turned over. The starter could barely crank...
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    Shudder in first gear (DSG)

    The car has about 5000 miles on it and recently the transmission starting acting a little funny. The issue is it sometimes engages first gear with a shudder. It's not a subtle feeling thing. It seems to shift fine so it's just an occasional hiccup engaging first gear. I turned off the hill...
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    HID install issues

    I installed the USP HID kit for the B7 Passat in my wife's 2013 SEL last weekend. I used the tee taps included and got power and ground from the wires going into the factory headlight harness. I did the the passenger side first and everything seemed to work ok. I did the driver side the same way...