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    timing belt and serpentine belt age

    Milk may not be the best example. I freeze milk for at times months before use. I bet milk would last 2 years frozen then thawed. Just thought I would be the wrench in this ever so important set of gears here........;)
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    Right Scanner

    I don't know how different a 2014 JSW and a 2015 Jetta are but on my 2014 I reset that through the instrument cluster. Instructions in the owners manual Easy peasy On the cheaper end is OBDeleven app and dongle
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    Is it okay to remove airbox and replace stock filter with K&N Cone Filter?

    I can't believe how you guys are being led around by this troll. 44 replies, my gosh. should have died at 3. Sorry can't help it. I see a snotty nosed youtuber, social media worshiping troll who isn't being told what he wants to hear but sure knows how to keep a thread going for count purposes...
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    Road trip, Missouri to upstate New York and back.

    Look at that nose diving on the last 2 pictures. Watch out ........comin in HOT!!!! ;) Is that a wee bit of daylight showing under the rear tires?
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    800 miles on one tank?

    Thanks oh!
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    800 miles on one tank?

    Sorry to de-rail (kind of) this thread - My Jeep has me in the practice of not adding any more fuel after the initial nozzle shut off. If you add you stand the chance of filling the C canister and going into limp mode. Am I missing a full tank by not adding any more after the initial shut off...
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    Stories when filling up at "gasoline station"

    I had my first experience the other day. Was at a Loves station and standing there filling up minding my own business when a gal pulls up on the other side and races out of her vehicle to very vocally tell me I'm putting diesel in my wagon. I thank her and let her know that in fact this wagon...
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    Finding Faulty TPMS Tire

    Thanks Bob. I'm here all week
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    Finding Faulty TPMS Tire

    No the OP didn't wait 2 hours. OP went out right after arriving at work and did a reset and it seems to have decided to work. 24 hours and no light. OP's not to sure aboot the 2 hour wait but does agree something was amiss as it took OP several attempts at a reset for it to finally take. OP has...
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    How does this sound for a 2014 JSW

    I kind of agree with TABA. A year and a half a go I gave $12,900 for a 2014 JSW with 25,000 miles out of California. I guess you can always dicker and see where you end up.
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    Finding Faulty TPMS Tire

    Hey guys, thanks for the replies. Yes I did the reset button several times but it comes back on. I do notice when I reset that it doesn't take the first time pressed. The light will go out only to return a second or so latter. On the second attempt it will go out only to return what is probably...
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    Finding Faulty TPMS Tire

    A little help please? 2014 JSW here. Had a flat on the Interstate and ruined the tire. Of course bought new 1 and now I have the "Low Tire" dash light on. Checked air pressure all around and they're all good so I figure the TPMS went bad on that 1 tire that I replaced. A lot of rubber debris...
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    Did my car blow up?

    So is that really the best thing to do with a run away is to put it in 6th and dump the clutch (of course if you have a manual)? Will that action not harm the tranny?
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    Questions about CJAA Malone Stage 2
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    While We're Talking Aboot CV Joints

    2014 JSW manual here with an inner passenger side CV joint starting to sling grease. OEM or after market replacement? And where to source from? Thanks!
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    Portable electric heat magnet

    I've installed them and they're pretty disappointing to me, they do make a difference in starting, but I don't really care about any slight reduction in wear on the starter motor and engine bearings, I just want instant coolant heat Well I'm disappointed that you've had disappointing results...
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    Road trip distance?

    After feeding the dogs and cat, took off Thurs morning for a Vegas trip. Needed to visit hollow ground that is Alegience Stadium. Took my 2 kids. The boy has been to Vegas before the girl, this was her first time. Covid Vegas was completely different. Left the next morning as we had scored...
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    Def Consumption

    Are you sure you have a DEF tank? You've seen it? 2014 JSW here and don't have DEF. I thought DEF was a 2015 addition