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    How to do your buyback calculations (& post them here!)

    I think I got this right. I'm getting hit for the mileage, man. 2015 Golf SEL, 56,000 miles Base: $29,546 Mileage adjustment: 9X1042=9,378 , 56,000-9378= 47,622 Adjustment=$2,040 29,546-2,040=$27,506 buyback Loan amount remaining: $18,570 Amount I'll have in pocket: $8,936 Am I getting this...
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    Pay fine and fix emissions problem or buyback?

    I'm in the same situation. Exactly. I have a 15' Golf with 35K. I don't want a car that runs differently or gets less MPG. But I also hate the idea that this car is polluting more than it should. And I hate the idea that VW screwed over it's customers and workers this way.
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    FS 2015 Golf TDI SEL Black/Black DSG

    Selling a mint VW TDI SEL with DSG auto transmission. Private sale. On for $24,800 (obo)Loaded. Been dealer maintained. Runs amazing. Fun to drive. No problems. Ever. Comes with 100,000 extended VW Gold Warranty which was purchased with car. AND it comes with extra set of Wheels and 8...
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    Adding Apple CarPlay

    "I've written VW and response was that there are plans for any upgrade." Wait. Are you saying that VW told you there ARE plans to upgrade? Or did the post have a typo?
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    Resale value in light of recent events

    Yeah. Can't hurt to try and see. Car is mint and I DO love it...Just feel a little bummed about this whole thing ...and I usually change cars every couple years anyway. Might be a good time...or not :) Might grab a used glk250 to replace it.
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    Resale value in light of recent events

    I'm aware of the official discussion about emissions... but this seemed like a fairly specific topic/question and I think warrants a separate thread considering the users of this particular forum.
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    Resale value in light of recent events

    I was thinking of selling it if the market is hot for them right now.
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    Resale value in light of recent events

    So. In light of the VW emissions debacle, anyone care to weigh in on what the resale value will be for TDIs? Will it plummet or maybe even increase since no used or new TDI's can be sold through dealers? I got a 2015 TDI SEL, which I love...Just wondering.
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    Airbag Warning/Failure - VW stumped for a week

    OK so situation resolved. And I have a feeling this may be important since I was told that what was wrong was not "caused" by anything I did or driving. So, it may end up being "a thing." So there are apparently TWO sensors/igniters. One near the belt tensioner and at the other end of the...
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    Airbag Warning/Failure - VW stumped for a week

    Haha. Makes sense. Update: The dealership has been great but it's frustrating. VW says their are only 2 parts in the USA. One in NJ and one in Milwaukee. I have to wait for this wiring part to come in...Maybe 4 more days! So it's been about 10 days..Could be TWO weeks over this stupid little...
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    Airbag Warning/Failure - VW stumped for a week

    Update: "Bad wiring" Ordering new wire harness for sensor in seat and seatbelt. Hope this is the fix.
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    Airbag Warning/Failure - VW stumped for a week

    Airbag Warning/Failure - VW stumped for a week- In loaner still Just a courtesy post to fellow 15' Golf TDI drivers. Noticed that airbag warning was showing that BOTH airbags were not working. Took car in for 30k service, Inspection sticker, and troubleshoot. Was told code showed I needed new...
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    Sportwagen Ride Quality - SE vs. SEL

    Meh. Probably. Yeah. I'd say 5. Significant enough difference so yeah. I'd say. 3-5ish 0r 4-7ish. Before It was tough to get over 475 for a tank. Now there have been times where I get 525-550.
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    Sportwagen Ride Quality - SE vs. SEL

    I have a 15 Golf TDi SEL. Got a flat within a month with 18s. Also thought the ride was harsh. Swapped out with a fellow TDI club guy. I took his 16s and some cash for 18s. Amazing difference! The ride quality is significantly better. Also, I am a driving enthusiast and love a great handling...
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    Air bag warning

    Strange. I just read about the VW recall of several models because of airbag problems. I saw that the vehicles stopped at 2014 and since I own a 15 I ignored it. As luck would have it, two days later I'm getting a warning at start up that both airbags in front are not working. Nothing is...
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    2 Mile Commute, plus many long Road Trips

    OK. Let me just break this down to you country simple because I can relate to a lot of your original post. Based on this quote "Getting a new car is more of a want than a need; I can afford it, and at this point in my life (approaching 60) I would like a more refined and up-to-date vehicle"...
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    Planning to switch

    I love my TDI and I do about 30k a year. That said and considering your post, I would seriously think twice before you switch. I speak from experience. I switched to get more MPG and I've also traded in cars that were less than a year old. Although I love my 15 TDI SEL I honestly do regret it...
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    Nav System

    I don't know which model # is in the MK VII. But it's awful. I have an SEL. I've complained about it on the board here a lot. I LOVE the car. Every aspect is just great. The NAV is just bad. Clunky. Incorrect. Voice recognition. Interface. Slow. Bad. I think aesthetically it's an improvement...
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    What did you do to your MK7 today?

    New Wheels O.Z. Wheels and Pirelli P7s. TireRack. Took forever to decide. Some wheels were too flashy, too young, too street...Decided on these. I love 'em. PS SEL model but I prefer 16s for ride and mpg. A few months back I had swapped/sold the OE 18s for some old 16s from a '11 JSW. Had...