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    FS: 2012 Passat TDI 6MT w/under 25k miles - PA

    I am selling my Glacier Blue / Titan Black 2012 Passat TDI SE with 6 speed manual. It has been well-maintained with all dealer service including the 3 year service which was just performed last week. As you can see by the odometer it has under 25,000 miles and runs great. The only known issue...
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    Ross-Tech is looking to hire a new Technical Support Specialist

    Thanks for your interest. This position has been filled.
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    Ross-Tech Wiki page for the 2012+ Passat NMS

    Thought this may be of some interest to you guys: Please let me know of any errors/omissions/etc. A tweaks page is here too: Both are works in progress.
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    VAG-COM Release 704 Now Available!

    Hot off the presses: Our online manual has been updated with fresh screenshots and descriptions of features: Some notables: Full Vista support, although it also works fine on previous flavors of Windows from W95...
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    Printable Manual for VAG-COM Release 512.1 Now Available

    The Online Demo had already been updated with the new screenshots and features in Release 512.1. A downloadable, printable version is now available:
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    VAG-COM Beta 402.3 is Now Available!

    This new Beta version of VAG-COM adds some handy features and fixes some bugs in Beta 401.2. If you are already a registered customer of Ross-Tech and our using one of our newer Interfaces (anything other than the ISO-COM), give this Beta a try...
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    VAG-COM Beta 401.2 is Now Available!

    This new Beta version of VAG-COM adds several handy new features and provides support for our brand new KEY-COM and KEY-USB Interfaces. If you are using a KEY-COM or KEY-USB Interface, you NEED to use this version. If you are already a registered customer of Ross-Tech and our using one of our...
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    The VAG-COM Printable Manual is Now Available

    This manual is in PDF format and should print nicely in all its 55 page glory. Please let me know if you have any problems downloading or viewing it.
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    Got Graphs? (Real-Time and Offline!) The latest Beta version of VAG-COM now supports VAG-Scope, a real-time and offline graphing utility. You can log up to 12 different variables, and configure scaling and colors for each. You can open log files created with any version of VAG-COM and...
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    FREE!!! VAG-COM OFFLINE Demo/Manual has been Updated!

    We have just updated the downloadable OFFLINE Demo/Manual to show the new features and appearance of VAG-COM Release 208.1. You'll find the link here: Like the online version, there are lots of pseudo-interactive improvements (try...
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    TDI-Specific VAG-COM Info Page!!! Feedback wanted.

    Guys, Just put this up: The page contains lots of (hopefully) useful info and I'd appreciate any comments or feedback. Cheers!
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    How to Dyno for FREE* That's a second gear pull. Find a straight, flat road with no traffic. In a TDI, log Groups 005 and 006 simultaneously as you do a full throttle run from idle to redline in 3rd or 4th gear. At redline, push in the clutch and allow the car to coast...
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    New and Improved Shiftpoints Graph

    Basically, just log a full throttle run in each gear on a straight, flat road. I used block 005, but 223 would give better resolution. Change in speed over change in time is acceleration. 9.81 m/s^2 = 1 g. The optimal shiftpoints are where the curves cross. So, for my specific setup (note, this...
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    VW / Audi Vehicle Information Charts - Feedback Wanted! Look up your car. I'd appreciate comments, corrections, additions, etc. Thanks!
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    Okay, Whip Out Your Acceleration Plots!

    Gary Miyakawa and I had swapped performance info for our modded TDI and 1.8T, respectively (surprisingly close results, but the gasser edged him out nonetheless). I had goofed around with overlaying my dyno plots to calculate shiftpoints. The problem with doing this is that as drag increases...
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    Upsolute Mini-GTG 9/27 Sunbury, PA

    I will be visiting a customer who has a VW shop in Sunbury (near Harrisburg) to chip him and some of his clients. If anyone would like to get chipped, I should be able to fit you in. Since there won't be 15 people, pricing will be $325 installed. I'll be there early afternoon and will be in the...
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    TDI History in the USA?

    I would be very grateful if one of you TDI experts could give me the years and models for all the TDI's sold in the U.S. I know the following: G/J IV 1999.5-2001 NB 1998-2001 Passat B4 1995-1997 Golf III ?-? Jetta III ?-? Are these all of them? Thanks in advance.
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    Newest Upsolute Distributor is a GASSER!

    I have accepted a position as the Upsolute distributor for the Northeast U.S. (NY,PA,NJ,VT,NH,ME,MA,CT,RI). Anyway, this should be a good thing for anyone in the Northeast who is looking to get, or owns an Upsolute chip since I can provide local service. I am about 2 hours from Boston, Hartford...
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    Any Interest in a DIY Boost Gauge Kit?

    This is just a feeler - but would there be a market for a complete, plug-and-play boost gauge kit? It would include the gauge (a couple different styles, in either Diesel or Gasser varieties), choice of pod or panel (pre-cut and test fitted), all required tubing, wiring, and connectors, specific...