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    Metalnerd and Dieselgeek Specialty Tools, Radio Keys, #3 Injector Plug Connector

    Sold my MK4 Jetta wagon two years ago and have these parts left over. Let's get them to a new home that can use them. Shipping USPS within 2 days of receiving payment. Payment through Paypal. Thanks for looking. Metalnerd MN3400 Serrated Alternator Pulley Kit Socket and two internal spline...
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    FS: MK4 Lights, ASR, EGR, Race Pipe, Switches, Vents - Long Island, NY

    Lots of leftover parts for sale. Each item will have its own post to keep things clean and stay within picture limits. Click on the link and it will take you to the individual post in this thread. All items will be shipped with USPS Parcel Post. UPS available at additional cost. Payment by...
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    FS: 2003 VW Jetta Wagon GL TDI, 5 speed, 294k, White w/ Black Interior - Long Island

    SOLD. Mods, please delete. Thank you.
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    Help with Axle / CV Shaft / Halfshaft Part Numbers - ALH manual

    ALH 2003 Manual Trans Passenger Side Axle / Half-shaft Can someone with ETKA please confirm that correct part numbers that fit this car? idparts/boraparts lists as 1J0 407 272 NN. What are the other applicable part numbers? I believe the 2.0 and TDI both fit. Sidenote: I found axle 1J0...
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    ALH Engine Movement - Motor & Trans Mounts Video

    ALH Engine w/ 276k miles. I replaced the dogbone ~40k ago. I don't know if and when engine & trans mounts were replaced by previous owner. Please take a look at the video. How much movement is too much? Is this acceptable? This is brief 1st gear and reverse clutch engagements with...
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    OEM Mk4 Golf/GTI Lower Grill Insert, Rear Valence (Lip)

    Lower Grill Insert OEM VW, brand new in packaging, MK4 Golf/GTI lower front grill insert. $20 picked up / $40 shipped. Rear Valence OEM VW Mk4 GTI rear valence with the exhaust cutouts, in very good condition. I replaced it with the non-cutout rear valence. $30 picked up / $70 shipped.
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    OEM Bosch Alternator - Needs voltage regulator (for ALH)

    From: 2003 VW TDI ALH, 260k miles I recently replaced my alternator with a rebuilt Bosch unit from Metalman parts. The used one is for sale. Mileage is around 260k; I assume the unit is original to the car. Needs a new voltage regulator. I'll update this post with a part number. $80...
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    Rear Hatch Wiring (Jetta Wagon) - Boot Replacement

    Hey guys, I need help depinning the small connectors on the rear hatch! I am replacing both of the rubber boots on my wagon's rear hatch due to tears in the gaskets. The boots protect the hatch wiring (3rd brake light, wiper, etc.). The boots are too skinny to snake the connectors through...
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    250,000 mile Check Up -- VCDS Logs Inside - Mk4 ALH

    Looking for your help. I have logged groups 001, 003, 004, 008, 011 to help assess the health of the engine. 2003 TDI Jetta Wagon, 254k miles, 5 spd, PP520 nozzles. No other mods. No CELs. No smoke. Maintenance up to date. Intake is clean. All vacuum lines replaced a few months ago. Air filter...
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    Flik FTD Bronze 16x7 5x100 with Falken Azenis RT615 225/50R16

    SOLD!! Mods, please delete.
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    FS: Koni Coilovers - Mk4 Golf/Jetta - P/N 1150 5083

    Up for sale is my used set of Koni coilovers for Mk4 Golf/GTI/Jetta. Kit Part Number: 1150 5083 Front springs: 2220 1350 Rear springs: 2220 1344 Front strut: 3806 Rear shock: 2606 Local sale preferred. They're boxed up ready to go. PRICE UPDATE BELOW... PLEASE READ THE NEW DEVELOPMENTS...
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    Noise when letting of throttle, aka Let's Play Guess That Noise!

    Ok, I took some videos last night of the car. Apologies for poor volume... this is a crappy cell phone, but it's much better than nothing. Please pay attention to the noise I get after shifting. It does it in all gears, no matter the rpm. It's a lot more audible at higher RPM so that's where I...
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    Help! Heavy engine shaking at idle & up

    Alright guys and gals, I need your help. Question: Is is a bad injection pump, leaky injector, bad nozzle? History/Maintenance cliff notes: Timing is good, IQ is 5.0, MAF is accurate, injector balance is off (#1), fuel filter changed 10k miles ago, DMF replaced 20k miles ago, timing belt done...
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    Trouble starting after fill up

    At the gas station yesterday, I filled about 13 gallons until it clicked (tank is still vented... I have not done the ventectomy). When I went to start it, it would not turn over. So popped the hood and saw a good number of air bubbles in the fuel line. Tried starting it a couple more times and...