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    I just replaced my both of my fans in a 06 jetta and I am wondering if there is a way to make sure they work. I warmed the car up and tried turning on the AC and nothing happened, but it is 23 degrees outside right now?
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    clutch cover bolts

    I am installing a sachs 22lb SMF and clutch and the cover bolts that came with it look like they will only be into the flywheel by 1/4''. they dont even grab when I am trying to bolt down the cover, I would have to press the cover on to get them to grab. Is this normal?
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    head bolt torque specs

    Anyone know the torque specs for the head bolts on a 2006 jetta BRM, Sequence and order Thanks!
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    clutch alignment

    Do I need an alignment tool or can I use a socket or something?
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    Just bought a 06!

    I have been reading the forums and finally found the car I wanted. It is a 2006 tdi (02/06 build date) with 150,000 miles timing belt and water pump done by dealer at 101,000, oil changed at dealer every 5,000, original clutch and everything else original on car. Package 1 black with gray...