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    TDI Phase 2

    I got a call from the dealer the other day saying that they are ordering the parts and are scheduling for the phase two fix for May. I've got an appointment for May 16th, will be dropping it off on the 15th and picking up the loaner, they say it will take a full day and are providing loaners...
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    Drastic drop in MPG

    A little background, I purchased a "new" 2015 Golf Sportwagen, 82 miles on the clock, back in April as my new position required me to travel a lot more and the 17 mpg I get in my S6 was raping my wallet. My commute to work consists of about 74 miles a day with about 66 miles highway and 8 miles...
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    "New" 2015 GSW TDI S

    Fresh meat here... Picked up a TDI GSW yesterday. I got a new position at work that now includes a 1.5 hour commute and my 17 mpg, s6 was killing me on gas. I originally went to the dealer to check out the new alltrack but saw they had a tdi on the lot. When I inquired about it, the...