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    Diesel Autowerks is almost a reality. Willing to help?

    Hey West-Coasters and all other TDIclub members! Many of you know that Matt Phelan (Matt98-AHU) is so very close to opening his shop in San Anselmo, Marin County, CA. However, we're coming up short on funds. Is there anyone out there willing to give us a hand up? :D Please contact only me...
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    Random bits for sale - spans several generations of TDI - Santa Maria, CA

    Hello, all. Matt and I are having to downsize...and to do so quickly. We have several items for sale, and it's likely that more things will be added to this list as we go. Stay tuned, but here's our list for now. Santa Maria is 2.5 hours north of the LA area, 1-1.5 hours north of Santa...
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    FS: SF Bay Area Mk2 COUPE!

    This is not mine, and I found it on craigslist...just thought for all of the Mk2 lovers we have here! :D:D
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    So they like to tell us there aren't fuel quality issues in the US...

    This article is interesting to me. Wasn't really sure where to put it, but some folks were facing fuel system replacement after running this bad fuel through their cars.....sounds eerily like what has happened to some folks who have an HPFP grenade.....curious, yes...
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    VAG-COM needed in NW Ohio

    Hello, all. My brother is stuck @ Mohican State Park...he's gonna try to limp it home tonight, and we're in need of a VCDS when he does make it home. He just started having problems yesterday...LOTS of white smoke on a cold start. First time ever with this particular issue for him. I wanna...
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    Brother stuck out of town...advice, please

    He owns a 5 spd 1999.5 Golf TDI w/ 208k. Rebuilt head 20-25k ago. Straight pipe with catalytic removed....and failing MAF. He's had the car for 4k miles. Zero problems (other than hard-starting when hot) until yesterday morning when he starts the car, and white smoke comes rolling out of his...
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    Craptastic door sensor is killing my battery

    I've read the entire $3 door fix thread, so please don't send me there. I don't have the downtime to fix my own car. I drive it every day, and having a non-functioning car in his garage drives my father insane. I need to disable the sensor in the door so I can return to a normal life without...
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    2000 Beetle with a door chime that comes on randomly

    I can be driving down the road @ highway speeds, and the door is latched, but the door "ding" and overhead lights come on. Sometimes I have to stop the car and open/close the door 2 or 3 times before it will recognize the door is closed. What should I be investigating here? Thanks in advance...
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    Help! My e-brake cable froze up again! lectures on not pulling the e-brake in this weather....already heard it all. I realize it's not a wise thing to do, but it's I gotta break, obviously. This is the annoying part. This happened shortly before the holidays. The cables were original to the car, and I knew...
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    alternator squeal

    I got my TB and serpentine changed at fest this past weekend, and now I have an intermittent squeal or chirp at idle or when I am in 1st with the clutch engaged. Growler and TDIDaveNH who helped me with the belt both said it's probably the alternator pulley or bearings. I'm just looking for a...
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    6-23-11 on 475 sb around toledo, ohio.

    230pm. 4-door silver golf with some sweet looking black rims that looked like 15s. Went flying around my mom and I. If I had been in my beetle, I would've kept up. Anyone from this site? :-)
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    Oil issue? I'm panicking.

    Hey there helpful TDIforum folks. I have an issue. I checked my oil last Saturday, and everything was fine. The engine was stone cold and the oil level was right to the bottom of the hatched area, no issues. I drove it the 150 or so miles back to my home on Monday and the car sat until i went...