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    2015 passat need help with P2102 & P3243 and fuse location for Throttle Valve Module J338 !

    Well other day i had GP Light started flashing on my way to home, but there was no noticeable loss of power. however when i came home, turned off the car and from that day and onward engine started shaking while turning off the car. so did the VCDS Scan and it showed, let me paste it from fault...
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    Steering (Lock) actuator stopped working!

    does not unlock steering wheel, had to buy whole new assembly since key does not unlock steering anymore, ordered new lock housing along with ignition lock and ignition coil from dealer by providing proof of ownership, VIN# etc.. will it allow me to use my old keys ? -thanks in advance
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    2015 Passat ignition lock assembly require VCDS to mate old keys?

    i just ordered new lock housing along with ignition lock and ignition coil from dealer. in order to use my old keys do i need to use VCDS? parts dept told me it should work without any additional steps since ignition lock is based on my VIN#.
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    VW parts do not sell 05-30 oil based on my VIN, it has to be 00-30.

    i don't know whether it has been posted here before or not., anyway! i normally keep 1 qt of 05-30 castrol (507) oil extra in trunk. last week i went to buy extra one as i was running little low and VW dealer parts dept told me, they do not carry 05-30 anymore!. my 2015 now requires 00-30. is...
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    Ambient Air Temperature Sensor-G17 location

    VCDS scan came with fault code under engine " Ambient Air Temperature Sensor - G17" . does anyone know location of G17 sensor? -thanks in advance
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    Drive By Wire Throttle Lag!

    Can anyone confirm above for 2015 passat TDI manual? had similar throttle lag from day one for 2013 passat tdi (manual) as well ! dealer said it's normal, takes little time (less than half sec before turbo spools ups). to my thinking it does not have linear throttle response!. found some...
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    Re:2015 Passat

    Re:2015 Passat, how to verify CPO Certification Since my 13'passat (manual) does not have emission fix available so only option i have left is to turn it back to VW. currently i have put $500 deposit on 15'passat (manual) with 21k miles on it for ($19k) from Massachusetts area as there aren't...
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    Tacoma or Colorado diesel? needs an opinion!

    as the title says! need an opinion/input from fellow members. i am on the fence of buying new truck. narrowed it down to either Tacoma or Colorado diesel, can't decide which one to buy. test drove both. price wise Colorado diesel is bit expensive(aprx 4k). Colorado LT with convenience pkg has...
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    2013 Jetta TDI (CPO) how much should i offer?

    2013 Jetta TDI (CPO) with less than 10k miles how much should i pay i went to VW dealer last week, whom i purchased passat from and there was a guy who just returned leased 2013 Jetta TDI DSG. 9700 miles. one owner. how much should i offer on this? i asked sales rep he said he won't know until...
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    Turbo's wastegate actuator rod related rattle in NMS possible?

    having this issue for long time., even left @ dealer for few days but they could not replicate. i have searched everywhere but did not find any similar issue with any NMS nor the solution! rattle noise comes from the passenger side front area and comes on at light to medium throttle at low...
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    AC Default Recirc mode using VCDS!

    i already posted this question in general VW thread, realised might have post it in car specific thread for getting better answer!. is there a way to change AC default mode into recirc position using VCDS or any other way? in 2013 TDI. trying to figure out how to change the 'default' air...
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    hvac recirc default position changeble?

    in 2013 TDI,trying to figure out how to change the 'default' air conditioning 'recirculation' setting from 'outside air' to 'recirculate,' but with no success. the recirculate setting resets to outside air if the ignition is switched off for an extended period. If the ignition is switched...
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    question to pros and does our TDI Cylinder get cleaned?

    question to pros and does our TDI Cylinder heads, valves get cleaned? i know on gas cars we try using premium fuel ( For example Chevron with techron 91 and above octane gas & etc..) so less knocking, less deposit on cylinder heads,valves and it keeps them clean as well. was wondering...
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    new vehicle brake warranty 12k or 1year

    just a word out ., if i am driving 70+mph and hit brake, i get little vibration in steering so told service rep today and said most likely rotor need to re-surface(turn) and it should not cost you anything since brake is warrantied for 12k or 1 year for new car. thanks,
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    is oil part#G052195S0 ok for 2013 passat TDI?

    Went last week for 10k mile service and based on invoice for oil, they used l part # G052195S0. I found out here that correct oil should be G0521951L. so today i called parts dept to verify part# they used during service, they said part# G052195S0 comes in drum and we do not sell that to...
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    lower grille removal for 12' or 13' passat?

    planning to install mash screen to prevent bugs coming on condenser coil. I've been able to remove top grille but don't know how to remove lower grille.. have anybody done it? thanks,
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    keep bugs off from radiator and AC condenser!

    when i drive on hwy it get lots of bugs on radiator or AC condenser fins whichever fin is in front..i searched for mesh screen or something to protect radiator from bugs but never came closer to finding right one..are there anyone using any mesh screen or such product can recommend such...
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    Is it possible to start up on 2nd gear instead of 1st from complete stop?

    is it OK "or" should i say is it possible to start up on 2nd gear instead of 1st from complete stop ??.. one local mechanic was saying Diesel has lot of torque so it is ok to drive in 2nd from complete stop ... -thanks Brian
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    Dip Stick hard to pull out!

    today i decided to check oil (<1k miles) but dipstick was very hard to pull there a special trick or do i have to break those tabs in order to pull dipstick out? any advise is appreciated!! Thanks, -Brian
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    skid plate & Tint suggestions!

    i am anticipating to have 2013 passat. so i am planning to have skid plate ready so i need suggestions which skid plate to get? and secondly any suggestions for reasonable tinting place here in Arizona. thanks in advance -Brian