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    Battery died in 30 hours in a '13 SEL

    Keys are typically on the counter one floor directly above the car. So I'd estimate 20-25 feet away. If my wife drives home the car is locked. If I drive it the car is unlocked. I've definitely left a key close to the car in the garage before without issue. Lightflyer I agree on charging...
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    Battery died in 30 hours in a '13 SEL

    I believe our car was unlocked when this happened.
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    Battery died in 30 hours in a '13 SEL

    Did you disable the feature with VCDs or in the DIS menu in the car? Thanks everyone for the ideas/responses.
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    Battery died in 30 hours in a '13 SEL

    I guess I could have accidentally hit the switch getting out of the car Saturday night. But wouldn't the fact that the key was removed shut off all lights regardless? I know I left the headlight switch in the auto position. EDIT: I was thinking about the fog light switch in the other car when I...
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    Battery died in 30 hours in a '13 SEL

    I did set this feature to be on but the car was inside a garage and not exposed to rain. Wouldn't that stop the sensor from doing anything? This has been enabled for at least 6 months with no issues. Weird.
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    Battery died in 30 hours in a '13 SEL

    Went to start the car this morning for the wife and it was dead. Measured 3 volts on the battery. Nothing lit up inside the cabin. It took about 15 mins or so to get it to start off our other car. I tried it every 5 minutes or so and the car finally turned over. The starter could barely crank...
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    After market solution

    I are you looking for an oem equivalent or something that flows more? For the second the real issue is going to be a shop that can handle sourcing the hardware and who can tune and provide options for various ecu's.
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    RNS510 Firmware & Maps Info Thread

    How does one check which versions are loaded on their car?
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    Report on $10 HID ballasts from Amazon

    I wonder if the fact that it pulls more current than some other ballasts helps it not need cancelers. I might try one too. Thanks.
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    Navigation System RNS 510 Update DVD

    I got the DVD today as well. Will installing it change my vim? Will this make the touchscreen any more responsive? What does it do exactly?
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    Oem parking sensor retrofit kit now available for 2012 passat

    On second thought, this is worth a couple hundred for the dealer to install
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    Oem parking sensor retrofit kit now available for 2012 passat

    Bio, the link you posted isn't working for me but this place seems to have the same kit. Which dealership did the install for you? I might pick one of these up but I'm not sure if I want to try the install or not...
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    (probably moronic) LED/DRL/HID install questions

    The bub life extender won't change the light output for the xenon. It raises the voltage to the ballast but the ballast controls the output to the bulb.
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    Passat NMS VCDS Tricks / Upgrades

    Thanks. Maybe down the road. Pretty sure you can enable this with vcds in the s4 DSG. Too bad.
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    HID install issues

    Still waiting for the replacement ballast so I took some numbers. Measured current on my xenon setup and stock halogen setup. Just sharing numbers in case people are interested. Halogen Motor off ignition on. Light turned from off to auto. Voltage at battery 12.6 volts. Current 4.1 amps...
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    Shudder in first gear (DSG)

    The normal day for this car is 100 miles of commuting with very little stop and go. The car sees much more stop and go city driving on the weekends. We'll see if this problems clears up by the 10k mile service I guess.
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    2012 Passat HID DIY Install

    What year is your car. I'm curious how you make out with the USP kit. My car is a 2013 SEL and so far I'm having issues. For the record I believe the ballasts are the same ones used in the XE kit. The ballast housing looks identical minus the stickers to me.
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    Shudder in first gear (DSG)

    Yes that could be the case. We'll drive it until the first service and have the dealer look at it.
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    HID install issues

    Thanks guys. I did turn off the bulb life extender feature a while ago and that didn't solve my issue. My lights always light up before shutting off so it seems that the issue may just be a defect in the can bus resistor box. I suppose the other issue may be if the ballast is drawing too much...