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    Biodiesel goes mainstream? Would be interesting to see what changes have been made vs the standard Diesel engine to make this work. To...
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    ALH Injectors

    I have for sale a set of Injectors removed from 75k mile ALH Caddy. All in good condition with third injector wire and plug in good condition. Located in Leamington Spa UK. Price £60 + shipping. Contact
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    ALH Injectors

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    Wheres that thread

    A while back there was a thread about how installing a lift pump helped someones car which was low on power reach it's requested timing from the tune. But now I can't find it and just wanted to have a look at how the logs changed. It had some of the big tuners participating in the thread.
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    Socketed, Immo Off GN (AFN) ECU

    Have you sale a 68 pin (028906021GN) ecu from an AFN, it has been socketed and the immo is off. So perfect for a conversion or similar and being socketed makes it easy to get tunes etc. £50 Delivered within the UK. Contact me for overseas
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    400+ hp Turbo Diesel

    So, I've started having a little bit of an idea for a project. I know I want it diesel powered but engine choice is a wide vaguery for me and I'd like some input. What I want is to make 400hp at the crank with the torque that will come with it. 700+Nm I'm imagining. So what i'm asking is...
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    wtb, 68pin ecu plug+wires

    Possibly a long shot but. Has anyone got a plug and the wires cut off from a loom they no longer need? Even just the slider piece which attachs the plug to the ecu would be useful. Cheers Mike
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    Different Long Runner Manifold

    From a marine engine. Might have bonnet fitment issues though.....
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    Immo Off audi a4 afn tdi ecu

    Part number 028906021GN Bought to run my car on but have since found a DK ecu which I am going to use. It has been socketed and has the Immo Off. I have plugged this into my ahu and it starts up and runs with the immobiliser box unplugged so Immo Off works fine. Should work fine on any AFN...
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    MAF Problems

    Ive been out doing some logs today and pretty sure i've got an old MAF thats on it's last legs. MAP seems to be fine so i assume that shows that shows its the MAF sensor thats gone. Can I have your opinions please guys. Pretty sure i need a new MAF but just checking. Is there any maf i can buy...
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    engine oil warning light

    Well today i got onto sorting the problem of my oil leak on my mk2 ibiza 1.9tdi with AHU engine. The problem was the low pressure switch for the oil pressure warning light had deteriorated with time And was letting oil spurt out past it. So i thought fine off to euro car parts and get a new one...