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    Mk7 High Mileage Thread

    GSW 137,000 ish normal maintenance timing belt done at 132,000 ish, brakes at 108k( drivers side rear caliper stuck and killed the rotor ), all work done by VW mechanic( some at the dealer some done in his garage ),
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    What did you do to your MK7 today?

    I tried searching the other day and didn't come up with anything. I was pretty sure that this was posted but can't find it. I am looking to have the inner tails work as brake/turns with the outers. I saw this on a R the other day and I like it. So if anyone could help me out with what I need to...
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    What did you do to your MK7 today?

    Well it wasn't today, but went last weekend to play in the mountains with the Wookies in the Woods....She loved running in the mountains with them.... [/URL][/IMG]
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    Crazy Brake Life on the MK7

    I am at 95k and just had my 100k done today because taking her to Wookies thursday...Mechanic said at 6mm plenty of pad life left...I think it is awesome, since my stoptech rotors are on back order
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    Rear suspension upgrade (shocks) Koni or Bilstein ?

    I should be ready for shocks and struts this summer just because I want to keep the ride I want. That being said I am going to go Bilstein B-8's( I have Eibach springs ) I forgot to add: I added the Neuspeed rear sway car as well and made a huge difference in handling, she feels much more...
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    Are you driving a stock or tuned '15 Golf TDI (post fix)?

    I have owned my car since may of 2015, I have both parts of the fix done and all the way around very happy with the car. I have not done any tweaks yet, plan on it soon. As far as for being stock, I won't be for much longer, I have the Rawtek fell delete waiting to go on and will be doing what...
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    What did you do to your MK7 today?

    What is this spring recall you speak of? Although haven't had the factory springs on for a year. Just curious
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    ProfBrown's 2015 GSW TDI Build

    Ok I have tried to post but copying photos is driving me nut here lately.. I have always been a OEM+ kind of guy, they are knock offs but you get the gist [/URL][/IMG]
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    What did you do to your MK7 today?

    Paddle Shifters..... Has anyone done the upgraded flappy paddles and what did you use?
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    VWR on MK7 TDi = forward rake?

    That is my car, and no there were no adapters for the rear. The ride is perfect and hands down handles just about where I need it. I did add the Neuspeed rear sway bar as well.
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    led tail light bulb recomendations

    deAutokey......forget the rest [/URL][/IMG]
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    What does your Odometer read?

    79K and she took me home in MAy of 2015, 2015 GSW SEL.... [/URL][/IMG]
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    GTD conversion underway

    Thank you good Sir. If I were to do the Malone stuff I wouldn't do it without going Stg2, to me not worth the cost if I didn't. As far as the "gasguzzler" you would be surprised at how good the mileage can be. She actually get better mileage than she did stock when cruising normal or on long...
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    GTD conversion underway

    The outside has nothing to do with STOCK in my mind. I want my cars to look like mine and not every other one on the road. As for stock did you catch where I said I have a Stg3 Mk6R in the garage as well ;) . I didn't buy the diesel for performance I bought her for mileage
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    GTD conversion underway

    I wasn't planning on any power upgrades because this was bought to be my daily, and when I go to work it is 100 miles roundtrip. That being said I am at this point after the extra cash from Phase 2 of the fix going Malone Stg2 and a full Rawtech. Reason I was not going to do tuning is I have a...
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    GTD conversion underway

    Ok got tired of waiting for my connections to get me the wiring diagrams for the SEL and GTI/GTD for the driving lights and FINALLY installed the bumper cover.
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    TDI Phase 2

    Nothing different noted, oh wait I think my overall mpg went up 2-3 more than after phase 1 was done
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    TDI Phase 2

    I agree with your statement on it not an option, I am pretty sure what will end up happening is if you didn't get it done the state you live in will be told and the next time you go to renew your plates they will turn you down. I am with you on phase 2 had mine done the end of May, my mileage...
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    TDI Phase 2

    Are you an original owner? If so why would you give up the money?