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    Tan SEL Interior RNS510 BCM Cluster Bluetooth and amp

    Sorry traded the high line bcd for a midline and some cash. Could you use the midline?
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    Tan SEL Interior RNS510 BCM Cluster Bluetooth and amp

    Tan SEL Interior RNS510 BCM Cluster Bluetooth and amp Central IL Looking to sell most if not all of my SEL Tan interior. The interior has 55k on it and is great condition. I just wanted black and couldn't find a Burgundy car with black interior so I making it the way I want it. The items I will...
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    when does 2013.5 TDI jetta start production of the soft touch dash?

    Hard or soft You ever seen a mid 90's dodge hard plastic dash? They crumble in your hands. It all depends on the composition of the product whether it be vinyl or plastic it can all be cheap. The new hybrid I looked at last week while the front speakers were being replaced. It's dash was soft...
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    New spares on the rim 1 Goodyear 1 Michelin

    I purchased a set of tires for our 11 TDI that were supposed to be 17" spares and got a set of mismatched 16" spares as well. Both are new with 0 miles and still on the factory rim. Both are the 205/55/16 profile tires. One is a new Michelin X and the other is a Goodyear Eagle. 65$ each Email me...
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    Blown Speakers due to "Help" button on steering wheel

    I have the same issue. Blew both front door speakers. I bought a vcds to reprogram the system and it won't take the code. Anyone know if the fender speakers are any better?
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    White on Black 2013 Jetta TDi

    Pdf I'm surprised how many manufacturers are going with DPF vs urea. Volvo very briefly went with diesel particulate filters in their large trucks and quickly transitioned to urea. The filters were deteriorating and were costing us a grand a piece because they could not be reconditioned. Just...
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    Full mfd upgrade

    Well I took he car in today and asked about getting the key fob I purchase matched to the ca r as they promised when I bought it, replace a speaker that has already blown and while they were at it to program the cluster to the car. I explained that I had fmfd and that I would take the...
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    mpg low???

    Poor mpg I had the same experience with my 09 tdi/dsg. Same drivetrain as yours! I never saw better than 37, ever! I finally traded it in on a new tdi/6spdm which ive been getting 47-51 out of. I'm assuming my first tdi was not properly broken in. I'd look up some break in tip right here and...
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    Full mfd upgrade

    No fake info here! Trust me I'd rather be from some where else but to no avail I live here! As I stated stuff is working but I haven't had the cluster de-immobilized. My cecm Is bcm pq25 w/2plugs so I'd assume your correct it's a lowline the part number is 5c0937087c. I'm curious if I can just...
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    Full mfd upgrade

    Yes! The cluster displays everything it is supposed to up to the point you hit the key. I expected that as the imobolizer kicked in. It's time for a Hex-USB+can so I can set the mileage and the key fobs up. Looks like the tdi's have the highline cecm. I'll post the pictures and details as soon...
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    Full mfd upgrade

    Yes much succes. I have installed the cluster but still have to get it programmed. I am able to do everything till I try to start the car as it imobolized as soon as the keys try to communicate. I expected this. Shows the doors open, hood and many other features. I'm considering purchasing a...
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    DPF regen

    Regan is a process that cleans the particulate from exhaust system. It basically sends diesel to the particulate filter and burns it off. Turning off the regen would not be a wise descision as it would basically plug the system and shut the car down. When my drivers bypass this process in our...
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    Full mfd upgrade

    :) you guys are going To be so jealous I received the cluster and the steering wheel last night. I'll have to order the ribbon for the right side buttons as they robbed the module out of the wheel and took the ribbon. I test fitted the cluster and I'll have to pull it down to the main board...
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    Fuel Filter Change, Metal Flakes

    I had similar issues with my 09 tdi. Had the fuel filter changed at 50k as it was getting crappy fuel mileage(36) highway on 100 mile daily trip. About 7k later the hpfp went out. Vw replaced everything under warranty. Less than three weeks later I pulled the filter cover off and it was...
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    Full mfd upgrade

    Where is it on the Passat? Does the Passat have three plus or two? Plug and play or a programmable item? Looks like its vancom time for me! I'm assuming mine is a midline cecm. I'm also going to have a wiper stalk and leather wheel with left buttons up for grabs if anyone's interested. Later...
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    Full mfd upgrade

    The cluster will be here Thursday as well as the leather wrapped steering wheel out of a premium Passat from the same place. I looked at cecm and I have 2plugs and both are black. Well see how it goes this weekend. I'll post some pics soon.
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    Pin out/pics for 2012 tdi

    Pin out/pics for 2012 tdi cluster Looking to do an upgrade and need the pin out and pics of the connector from a 12 TDI. I'm going to use it in an 11 Jetta sedan. Any info appreciated.
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    Full mfd upgrade

    Passat tdi clutter pictures Any one with Passat tdi cluster terminal pictures? If so please post them. Tried to get the cluster shipped today but alas some places actually close on holidays, unlike my company.
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    Full mfd upgrade

    Im going to try and pull off the upgrade soon but need to pick some brains. I've found a 12 TDI Passat full mfd. it is from an automatic and my 11 Jetta is a 6spm. Not sure what issues might pop up or if a simple reprogram might cure it. I need the pin outs for both or access to a diagram for...