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    T2/T3 battery life

    Bought a 2013 recently and noticed it has the original battery. And that thing is a PAIN to change.. Got me wondering how long these things typically last, and whether I should look at changing it before the thing leaves me stranded. So, guys with 2009+ TDI touaregs.. how long have your...
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    Do I need to buy a TDI touareg by late Oct?

    In this article: near the end it mentions that if a fix for 3.0 tdis isn't available by late october buyback is their only option. Does this mean all of the touaregs will disappear from...
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    Dieselgate for tuned cars

    Has anyone seen any specific info on how mods like dpf/egr delete and a tune would impact the VW buyback? This seems like a better place for that discussion than the emissions forum. Thanks
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    Reuters: US files VW settlement, details buybacks Of course, no new info, other than pointing out it could cost vw lot less if they figure out a fix instead of buyback in some cases.
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    What does "sensor reference voltage A" mean?

    tl;dr version: what does "sensor reference voltage A" mean and what sensors run off that reference? Hello all, So my G40 camshaft sensor/sensor reference voltage A issue just started to rear it's head again. Basically despite the intermittent G40 code, I replaced the G40, and the issue still...
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    Alarm LED diagnostics?

    Hello all, Noticed something odd with my car the other day.. when I arm the alarm the indicator LED in the door flashes 7 times very quickly, then goes to the normal flash. I was assuming this was some sort of trouble code, but can't find any info on it. All doors/hood/trunk/windows closed...
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    Can RCD510 be used in non-VW applications?

    Hello all.. couldn't come up with a more appropriate forum, and find people that would know the answer. I REALLY like the RCD510 in my 2010 Jetta.. and would like to install one in my 94 land cruiser. I see mention of RCD510s on ebay with the security code.. but will the stereo operate at all...
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    CR cam position sensor

    2010 Jetta TDI, CJAA, 6speed manual, approx 47k miles On my way to SLC for a ski trip, I don't bring any tools because this car is so new, I won't have problems, right? Eventually get a limp mode and flashing glow plug light pulling past Moab. Initially I wig out thinking HPFP (with one of...
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    Door hinge bolt torque

    Hello all, What are the torque values for the lower front door hinge bolts on a mk5 sedan? I've just spent 2 hours going through my hardcover bentley and cant find door hinges anywhere. Plenty of info on door skins/latches/windows/trim/handles/etc.. just no mention of hinges. Alternately...
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    BD storage

    I ask this here because it seems this forum is more likely to have guys keeping smaller amounts of B100 sitting around for addition to D2 to get a b1-2 blend.. Is storing B100 in a metal gas can a bad idea? Even a high-quality one that I'd assume is galvanized and has better seals? I want to...
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    WTB: 2x late-Mk5 Bioline/bionline 16" wheels

    As title says, I'm looking for 2 16" late mk5 bioline wheels, in perfect or near-perfect shape, no tires. Must be the silver/non-machined version. I'm in Austin, TX.. being somewhat close would be convenient. Let me know what you have..
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    Good South ATX fuel stations

    I'm toying with the idea of finding a dedicated source for fuel and sticking with it for the majority of my fills.. where are South Austin people getting their quality fuel? I can't think of any high-turnover stations with diesel..
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    DPF R&R vehicle height?

    To those that have removed a two-piece DPF from a MKV Jetta Sedan, realistically how high does the car need to be in the air? Would a tall jack and standard jack-stands under the subframe be enough? Or is a lift absolutely necessary? I know you need to twist it 180 to clear the subframe, but am...
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    Log CR exhaust flap function on VCDS?

    Do you guys know of a way to log exhaust flap function on a CR140 (CBEA) in VCDS? I contacted Ross-tech and the person I got on the phone only knew about the output test.. but figured someone here may have figured out one of the many unlabeled measuring blocks was correlated.. And while we are...
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    CR140 Exhaust flap used as compression brake?

    I just bought a 20k mile 2010 Jetta TDI 6MT and am loving it, aside from one quirk when driving at freeway speeds. Sometimes when lifting off the throttle (usually downhill), OR USUALLY when hitting a dip (even pretty gradual, like between two hills), the car has a tendency to noticeably slow...
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    Thinking about a MB W211 CDI

    Hello all, I drove a friend's 05 E320 CDI a while back and am considering one as a second vehicle. The plan would be to keep my 360k+ mile Jetta as a commuter and roadtrip vehicle, and have the benz as the nicer car when warranted. The Jetta is just getting to the point that I can't justify...
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    Studded snow tires for winter roadtrips?

    Hello all, I'm in the middle of a 4000 mile road trip from Austin Texas, through Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah, and back home, on fairly worn mxv4s with a couple pairs of chains in the back. This trip will happen every year for the forseeable future, and the main goal is snowboarding...
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    Guru question: water pump replacement & motor mount bridge

    So, it's looking like my relatively new water pump has been leaking slightly pretty much since install. Trouble is, I'm due to leave tomorrow for a ~4000 mile roadtrip in the car. If it just keeps leaking at the same rate, it should be fine.. but if the bearings give up I'll need to replace it...
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    WTB: Early A4 Jetta rear door latch mech

    Looking for a left rear door latch mech from an early A4 Jetta, preferably one with a known good door switch & power lock. Let me know what you have. -Justin
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    WTB: ALH EGR Delete

    Getting too lazy to fabricate one of these.. so looking for an ALH EGR Delete pipe. Don't need coolant lines/double males/block off plates. Shipped to Austin, TX. Let me know what you have, -Justin