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    '06 Jetta Engine Stalling

    Hi Everyone. I hope someone can point me in right direction. I've had this jetta for abt 6months now. Other than a few minor hiccups it has run beautifully. Recently it would occasionally sputter a bit around 80kmph but then clear up. Sometimes, taking off from a stop, you'd hit the gas but...
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    2006 Jetta TDI DRL

    Good Day TDI Clubsters. A bit about me, I'm a 60yr old licensed mechanic/milwright. Drove mostly GM all my life. I've troubleshoot and resolved alot of issues, some highly technical and some downright silly. I recently bought a 2006 jetta tdi, in search of better fuel mileage. 400k and it runs...
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    Bulb replacement DRL delayed operational

    I recently replaced drl low beam bulb on front curbside on my 06 tdi. Old bulb was definitely pooched. New bulb was new and tested to verify, yet wouldn't function. Was going to check fuses but ran out of time. Next morning when I started the car they worked perfect. Does anybody know about some...