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    Ever been dipped?

    No you are not alone. Driving a 2003 ALH engine Jetta I was on VA Rt 7 headed to Fairfax Va. Lots of construction going on and dump trucks and the like all over the place. I hit an area that that traffic was very slow and the VA DOT had a checkpoint, a flagger heard the clack-clack of my engine...
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    Passat TDI Shift points

    For my manual TDI I shift at the max torque RPM that for an ALH engine is 1900 RPM. Your cars max torque is 1750 RPM, if you shift at this point your car will warm up faster and get to a higher gear and better MPG and not get rear ended by a Prius. And where in Texas do you use KPH? Jump62\aka...
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    Mileage on a dsg engine and other questions

    No not grumpy just been there, done than, and sometimes got a T-shirt. The OP was asking for information we just don't have about this engine and some " hand holding " to make him feel better about his very new VW. It's a risk to buy something new, the posts by Oilhammer to this guy in other...
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    Mileage on a dsg engine and other questions

    Do you really want to buy this car? Lets see new engine, new fuel pump, new oil and water pump ( they are variable output ?), separate cooling loops for the block and cylinder head....oh and a new exhaust manifold with the intercooler as part of it. A smaller fuel tank ( 13.2 gal ), a 1 year or...
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    Until we can see one on the dealers lot and we can buy it, any info from a dealership must pass the BS meter. It would make a nice surprise, I'm waiting for my T-5 based camper TDI....pass the popcorn. Jump62 aka Paul
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    Newbie with Philosophical Question

    OK I'll step up, what are you missing.....It's German.... German engineers do things because they can not because they should. I'm on my fourth VW Diesel and I started in 1978 and guess what the manual had very little about how to make the car run in a Kansas winter. My 2003 had the relay 109...
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    Newbie looking for 2006-07 passat

    TDIs are not " bad " for maintenance just unforgiving, use the correct parts and fluids, done on time and the miles will pile on. A general 10K service on my 3 cars is an oil filter change and oil and some topside and bottomside inspections ( $60 or so DIY ). 20K service has a fuel filter, cabin...
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    Newbie looking for 2006-07 passat

    My Dad and I share a 2009 JSW with the DSG transmission, we have put 63K miles on it since Feb09 with an overland trip to Vegas of 2500 miles one way. It is are go to car for long trips and with Thule crossbars and a hard box I have done 2 week trips using camping as a hotel. In 2011 there was a...
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    09 Jetta TDI

    First find a TDI guru to look at the car. as for your questions 1. No 2. 500K+ 3. Hard to say, condition and service record would color price Jump62
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    Newbie looking for 2006-07 passat

    The reason you are not finding any TDI Passat sedans or wagons in the years you are looking for is because in North American we didn't get any. Looks like the 2012+ TDI Passat will not have a wagon brother in the USA. As for a TDI in the Rockies any TDI with any engine/trans combination will do...
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    tourage tdi mpg

    If you are buying a VW for mileage run away from this Truck. The EPA is 20 city and 29 Highway and the beast weight is 6300 pounds Gvwr, if you kept it at 65 mph and drove like a raw egg was under the fuel peddle it might do the 29 mpg after the break in period of about 15-20k miles. My modded...
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    RNS-510 Latest Firmware, 5M Maps

    Eric, Is this unit still for sale? I have a 2009 JSW that came with a early rns510 without a letter suffix and the unit isn't playing nice. Will your unit work with the car? Paul aka Jump62
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    Which Diesel Fuel?

    Lets say that when you find local stations that you like/trust the next type of situation is during long distance travel, like Washington DC to Las vegas in 3 1/2 days ( refueled twice a day). The things to look for are the same in each case, so I'm looking for high turn over of fuel like a...
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    Biodiesel warning on a pump

    Could be someone had an engine problem, nailed the seller and producer of the fuel for damages, seller or producer may had to pay off big $$$, so seller / producer is displaying a CYA statement hoping that another punter doesn't take them to court. It was only a matter of time. So hold the state...
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    2011+ Touareg trunk light fits our car

    And the hits just keep on coming. Good find out of the ETKA parts bin, hope by the time I get my own new Passat more adaptions of VW parts will be found. Paul aka Jump62
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    GAS in tank - fixed for about $100

    I had a 1978 Rabbit Diesel and I remenber the owners manual recomended to add 1 Gal of regular to 9 Gal of diesel ( fuel tank was a wopping 10 gal ) to winterize the fuel. I lived outside of Ft Riley for 4 years and sometimes had to do this. Sometimes wish I didn't sell that car, very simple as...
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    Winter is coming

    I would add treatment if temp drops below 20F, I watch the weather here for a cold snap ( Canada's revenge ) and treat before hand. I work computer support and we had a massive failure that called for an " all hands on deck " at was -22F we had a sudden cold snap over 3 days with the...
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    If they made an SEL Premium with a 6-spd manual, would you have opted for it instead?

    I thought you were a " goog old boy " ah to be young again and as if TDI fest isn't advertised enought. temper temper gee and I thought the products I've bought through vendors helped, last I looked I spent over 4.5K at impex and that is just one. Lets let this die already
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    Winter is coming

    First I have to ask for your forgiveness because I speak American and you speak English so some of the items listed may seem strange. First I would work on the battery, how old is it, checked the water level, get a low voltage power test. If the battery is 5 years old or older get a new one...
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    Cetane Rating Pittsburgh Pennsylvania - Drake Crude

    The only time I've seen a cetane rating about our cars was in a Bently manuals (for an ALH and a BEW) and it said that the lowest number was 49 it was never stated in the owners paperwork. Will you get better fuel mileage? Well no all things be equal, the higher cetane number will cause the fuel...