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    Dyno how ?

    Dyno dynamics if i was to take my car for a dyno run is ther any reason an independent dyno company would want to plug my car into vcds and log block 1 engine values to calibrate the dyno with the car ? not had this happen on any other dyno i have visited and had a fair few runs on the...
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    PD170 1/4 mile times

    Just wanted to show my 1/4 mile times from this Sunday the car is a pd170 completely stock internals and injectors with road tyres the mods are a gtb2260 and water meth
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    PD 170 self tuned gtb2260 stock injectors

    stock injectors still running siemens ecu and injectors a picture is worth a thousand words FLY WH
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    VNT adjustment advice

    boost oscillation gtb2260 im having a problem seting up the vnt on my gtb2260vk on a pd170 i had to readjust all the actuator as the stock position it was in would not fit in the engine bay as the actuator was hiting the firewall so for intial setup i had the vnt set to full open and then set...
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    PD140 and PPD170 MAX SOI ?

    Hello im just wondering what the max soi is on the pd 140 and ppd 170 engine stock on the pd170 is around 22 at 4500 rpm i understand on the pd 1.9 max soi is around 28 and duration of 36 = EOI 8 this is probably the absolout max for the 1.9 with a big turbo so im wondering what is the...
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    ppd170 cold start after recall ? smoke

    had the injectors changed under the vw recall about 10 months ago and the car is very bad at starting from cold it fires up as soon as you turn the key but its very rough and blue smoke out the back giv it a tad of throttle and its fine also if i start it with AC active it minimizes the rough...
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    tdi 170 bmn exhaust noise ?

    ok i hav a vw golf tdi 170 it has a straigh thru exhaust at idle ther is a very crapy exhaust sound like a panting dog if i give the throtle a very very slight blip so it dosent even raise the engine rpm i get a very meaty burble from the exhaust for around 5 seconds then it changes tone back...