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    08 Grand Cherokee Overland AWD CRD (modded)

    Testing the waters for my modded 08 GC Overland AWD CRD, Its a real stump puller... Shoot me an email at if interested. Vehicle is located in Richfield WI. Testing the water to judge interest in selling our 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland Edition with the Mercedes Benz...
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    FS: Injector assemblies with Bosch .205 nozzles $200

    ***SALE PENDING**** 3/7/2017 As the ad states, up for sale is a plug and play set of OEM injectors with about 60,000 miles on them. These were originally purchased from Red Rotors in Canada several years ago when he was importing sets from Germany. These were used for about 3 years in...
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    AEM CAI for TDI - Anyone installed one of these?

    I was reviewing the AFE intake and the AEM intake. I see a few folks have installed the AFE system with the open airbox but I haven't heard of anyone installing the AEM system that eliminates the airbox altogether. Anyone?
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    Feeler: Set of injectors from ALH 5 speed

    I have a set of injectors with oem nozzles from my 2003 ALH 5 speed that have roughly 60,000 miles on. I swapped them out a while back when I installed a new set of Bosch .205 injectors. Just curious to find out what a used set of injectors with oem nozzles are going for these days and if...
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    Which Boostvalve for RC2/RC3 Euro tune?

    Tried the search function but wasn't finding a decent comparison between boostvalves. My 2003 Jetta with VNT15 will receive either a RC2 or RC3 Euro tune from Jeff late this month. Mods at time of tune will include Bosch .205 injectors, DG Racepipe, OMI, MyCruiseAgent EGT probe, Dynaflow CCV...
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    WTB: Old Man Intake & Stealth Race Pipe

    Anyone have either of these items sitting around that they would like to sell? Thought I'd give this a try first before contacting the respective manufacturers of these two products. Thanks
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    WTB: Bosch .216 injectors ***Closed 4-27-05***

    I'm interested in bigger squirtguns for my 2003 Jetta TDI and I just missed out on the set of Red Rotor Injectors that were up for resale by Occams Razor. Anyone out there have a set of these they are willing to part with? <font color="red"> </font> <font color="red"> </font> Respond...
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    WTB: Bosch .205 Injectors (new or slightly used)

    I'm planning to upgrade my 2003 Jetta's stock injectors this spring. Thought I'd start looking early. Happy Holidays!!!