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    ECU SW Update

    If you can flash SGO, then do the update to KC. If there are problems, then back to FM
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    ECU SW Update

    1st it will only go as sgo. I can't tell you whether it's actually an update to 016FM. 2. As far as I know, the difference between 016FM and 016KC is relevant to emissions. So what's the use of flashing the 016KC and then doing a tuning where the EGR is deleted anyway and the emission standard...
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    ECU SW Update

    What exactly do you have in mind or do you need?
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    Pd160 engine in mk2 golf

    If the start of injection is too early, the pressure in the head increases. What SOI and Duration do you use?
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    Running biodiesel in my 2013 passat

    Ask VW, they will say, of course you can fill up with bio diesel. They look forward to your repair order. Bosch, the manufacturer of the injection system, has never given approval for biodiesel.
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    ECU tuning options for AFB 2.5L V6 w/MSA15 ECU

    It is not correct to only draw conclusions about the performance from the displacement and to see an ACV as a reference. The ACV has a very different transmission and clutch. In addition, there are maps that can be programmed in such a way that at certain intake temperatures, the performance...
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    ECU tuning options for AFB 2.5L V6 w/MSA15 ECU

    Well then call both control unit numbers. Then we can see how complicated it really is.
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    Turbo surge problem - please help

    Did you read in the comments of the Youtube video what the reason was? Bad software!
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    IQ deviation issue

    You use an open Flasher or a seller thing with cripted Files?
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    Need alh help

    The ECU only need a remap. A Software for your running Hardware. Thats All. No hammering or anything else.
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    How many mg per stroke can a stock ALH engine inject?

    This is about the injection quantity. The series turbocharger from the ALH cannot process this amount.
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    How many mg per stroke can a stock ALH engine inject?

    With 10mm Pump, 4500rpm=4,9Volt=53mg/str If you want drive 4,9Volt at 3000rpm, you can inject 69mg/str with 10mm Pump, but than you reach at 4500rpm 4,99 Volt With 11mm Pump, 4500rpm=4,9Volt=60mg/str If you want drive 4,9Volt at 3000rpm, you can inject 80mg/str with 11mm Pump, but than you...
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    Next step for more HP for my 05 BEW Golf

    Your GTB ist good for 250-270HP. What nozzles are installed?
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    High pitched whistle from new GTB2260VKLR turbo

    Which boost pressure sensor is in use? Is it correctly implemented in the software?
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    Damaged Firad +160% nozzle

    What do you mean they're not going well? Do you have idle logs from blocks 13 and 23? What controller number or file is being used and what nozzles and tips are being used? Euro3 jets in a Euro4 data set and vice versa run like a sack of mussels. Terrible. Then you have to adjust something in...
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    Bigger turbo -project

    You have to change the N75 map. Are your PDE the 550? Or can you tall us the software number like 038906019??
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    lookin for boost logs, tuned and stock :)

    In your 004-011-003 log line 227, at 2268rpm you can see a start of delivery of 14.6° and a delivery duration of 28.6°. That's the equivalent of 77mg injected quantity and would correspond to 430Nm of torque. Your N75 pre-control map is probably not extended to 77 mg and the result is that there...
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    lookin for boost logs, tuned and stock :)

    You have still a bad Tuning. @2200rpm a duration higher than 28 degree. That absurd for a BEW
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    AFN msa 15 to edc 15
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    1.9Tdi BLT Egr related Eml problem

    The BLT is an EDC15 Euro4, but modern and monitored. As soon as the EGR is closed mechanically or by software, it throws an error code. So the question has been mechanically what has been done or is the software no longer original?