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    Limp Mode, Code 17964, Hard Brake Pedal

    After much reading and research under the hood, I discovered a bad vacuum line to the Brake Booster (splits at both ends). Causing loss of vacuum whch subsequently causes limp mode, code 17954 and hard brake pedal. Solution was not to buy the $39.95 new replacement but a $1 piece of 1/2 inch...
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    VAGCOMDisable GlowPlug Check?

    Does anyone know how to disable the glow plug chech using a VAGCOM? My CEL was on for GlowPlug #3 and #4, so I ordered four and installed 1 through three, but at number four it appears to be cross threaded and not having the proper tap to re-tap the hole if I force and back out the plug I...
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    Alternator Voltage Regulator Assembly Part

    I have been reading the posts regarding the Golf A4 TDI Alternator Brush/Voltage Regulator assembly. Many posts referred to prices for this part from $45 to $80, yet the only post of a URL for lists the assembly for $147. If anyone knows where to obtain this part for the $45 to...
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    CO2 Production of Golf TDI 1.9

    Looking at site it states that the TDI diesel which gets 5.5l to 100km produces 145g/km. This mileage is equvalent to 42 mpg, mine gets a year round average of 47 mpg, which I compute at 210 g/mi of CO2. This is quite low compared to gasoline engines CO2 production.
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    New Timing Belt - Hard Starting When Cold

    For 80512 miles and 3.25 years my Golf TDI would start within a second of turning the starter. I put an Upsolute chip in at 500 miles exactly 3 years ago. Set the EGR to 33768 and adaptive timing to 33068 with the VAG-COM. Never had any trouble with cold starting until after the Timing Belt...
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    VAG-COM Timing Advance Adaptation with Upsolute Ch

    Has anyone performed the Advance adaptation with the VAG-CO who is running the Upsolute Chip? If so what are the results?
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    Multiple fried MAFs? check this

    When I had my MAF replaced on my '02 Golf by the dealer they said they had to modify the wiring harness as well. So I suspect the failures have something to do with the wiring. [ October 25, 2002, 13:23: Message edited by: KentSzabo ]
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    VAG-COM Features and Tips

    Is there any particular thread that mentions the various VAG-COM features and tips one can use to obtain the best performance from their TDI? I have recently acquired one, and had to do a search here just to find the EGR fix. It would be most convient to find these sort of things in one place.
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    VAG-COM EGR FIx with 208.1

    The various posts say "go to adaptation group 3". On my VAG-COM version 280.1 there is not an adaptation group 3. You can use an up arrow from code 00 to ?? 03 seems to infer the stuff about the EGR functionality. It had a code 32768 which I changed to 33768. Is this the right setting?
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    Vag-COM Help CODES 16485 & 16785

    I just hooked up my VAG-COM and read my fault codes Here is what came up: 16485 MAF Sensor (G70) Implausible Signal 35-00 16785 EGR System: Insufficient Flow 35-10 Intermittent What does all this mean? I only have a Bentely Hard copy manual not a CD. [ September 19, 2002, 19:12...
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    Floor Jack for Golf?

    Does anyone know if using a standard floor jack to raise a Golf will harm anything underneath? I need to put snow tires on this afternoon and don't want to really mess around with the supplied jack for convience sake.
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    VAG-COM in Denver, CO Area?

    Does anyone in the Denver area have a VAG-COM so I can deduce what's causing my CEL? I am 35 miles southwest of the city.
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    Limp Mode, CEL, Some Power Back

    Today I left my house in my 2002 Golf GLS TDI drove the 1/3 mile in 2nd to the highway, ambient temperature 70 degerees. Got to the highway and there was a car 1/4 mile from my road, so I hit it (WOT) in 1st, then 2nd, shifted to 3rd, and died till I backed off throttle. Drove 35 miles with only...
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    10K Mile Dealer Service With Mods

    I am taking my 02 Golf TDI for its 10K mile service today, and have some concerns. I have the Epsilonian EGR mod on along with the CCV elephant hose mod and the PiperX panel air filter mod and finally the Upsolute chip. The chip won't be noticed in this service as they don't open the ECU...
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    Premium Diesel in Denver?

    Does anyone know of anywhere, in the Denver metro area, preferrably on the West side of town, that Premium Diesel of 50 Cetane is sold?
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    Snowscreens Gone From 2002 Golfs?

    I recall browsing through a couple of posts somewhere in this forum that stated the snow screens were not present in the 2002 Golfs, when the owners went to remove them. Does anyone know if this is true? Mine was built 2/15/02. Maybe Just Some Guy might know something official regarding this...
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    Chipped in Erie, Colorado

    I got my Upsolute chip installed Saturday by Lance of BESTVW in Erie, Colorado. I was pleased to discover there is an Upsolute distributor in my area. The chipping went fine, and provides a lot more power and accelleration, from about 2200 RPM and up to red line. The performance provided by this...
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    Free Maintenance ??

    I have come across the term "free maintenance" in various posts over the past few months. Even the VW tech bulletin referred to in a recent post in the "Fuels and Lubricants" section refers...
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    Key Remote Question

    My wife misplaced her 02 Golf remote/key in our house somewhere. Is there any way using the other remote to set off an audible signal in the lost one? This sounds like a dumb question, but there are TV remotes that do have that feature. I was just hoping.
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    Request Wal-Mart to Carry Delvac 1

    It would be most convenient if Wal-Marts across the country carried Mobil Delvac 1 synthetic. The following link will get you to their web page that enables you to contact them. Perhaps if enough people express an interest in...