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    Where are the paint codes?

    My daughter wrecked my bride's 2015 Passat on Tuesday. Tore the front off backing out of the garage. Looks terrible, but in reality only 2 parts were destroyed, upper grilled and bumper cover. Junkyard grille is on the way. A local yard has a 2014 Passat bumper cover listed. They were nice...
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    RNS510 Diagnostic Help...She's dead Jim

    Wife and daughter came home with news the radio died. Sure enough there is nothing. No camera, no boot screen, nada. I checked the underhood fuse mentioned in a few threads and it was good. Hard reset procedure does nothing. Any diagnostic guidance would be appreciated. I gather these are...
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    Was our heater core changed or not?

    Passat was at the dealership for 2nd no heat trouble in 8 months. 1st time, in Feb, the core was changed and heat was good again. In October, we had no heat again. They diagnosed as 2nd heater core and ordered parts. 2 weeks later parts were in and my wife dropped it off. When she picked it...