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    FS: Winter setup - Moda MD12 w/ Dunlop DS-3 $600 Pick up only

    FS: Winter setup - Moda MD12 w/ Dunlop DS-3 SOLD Sold!!!
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    Latest mod for my 2010 TDI! It's Major!

    Latest mod for my 2011 TDI! It's Major! In case you missed it, it's the rabbit badge. :D I'm going to remove the Golf emblem soon. Too lazy to get to it.
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    A word of Caution regarding FuelSure fuel caps

    Just a little background about Fuel Sure. Fuel Sure is a fuel cap designed for diesel cars sold from a UK company online. Its purpose is to prevent misfueling of gasoline into a diesel vehicle. The Fuelsure cap can only be removed by placing a diesel nozzle into the cap's top cavity. Since...
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    Misfueling Insurance Coverage - AllState

    Been worrying about fuel contamination with my 2011 golf TDI ever since I read about the fuel pump issues. I'm not that worried about misfueling, but rather fuel contamination at the fuel station. So I decided to call my insurance company AllState. They went through my coverage and could...
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    "Diesel Fuel Only" Key Chain / Fuel cap Tag

    "DIESEL FUEL ONLY" Key Chain - New and Improved! SPECIFICATION Rubber key chain with white text "DIESEL FUEL ONLY" in all Caps on both sides. Key chain with text in lower case in photo above is outdated. Dimensions (approximate) Tag size: 2" x 1.5" Overall size: 2.75" x 1.5" (exclude key...
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    2011 Candy White TDI with aftermarket wheels and snow tires

    Hey guys, just picked up my first VW and my first TDI! The weather in New England has been crazy lately, so I picked up a set of snow tires and wheels from tire rack. In case someone here is also interested in getting some wheels, here are my specs: - 17x7.5 45mm offset Moda MD12 - 225/45R17...
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    2011 Golf TDI viscosity - 5w30 or 5w40?

    So I stopped by my dealer to pick up some oil for my 2011 golf TDI. They gave me 5w-30 instead of 5w-40 as mentioned in the manual. When I questioned them, they doubled checked and said that is what they always use on common rail diesels and they don't even have 5w-40s. I showed them the...