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    Road America Road Trip! (A TDIClub GTG)

    I'm interested, but only for the 2pm race on Sunday. It's a long drive for me, so I'm a little undecided. Road America's site is .. To find the course on the map, find Elkhart Lake, WI and follow I-67 south from there 3 miles.
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    I can't access GeWilli's How To's

    Apparently it's moved to
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    SPECIAL REPORT: Clean Diesel - ULSD Fuel

    It's a few years old, but this Bosch report says new fuel injection equipment will be designed to work with 450 micron wear scar. See page 12
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    Alternative Fuels.. why do we not hear more about Bio-Diesel

    It's because 99% of cars can run (some) ethanol and 1% can run biodiesel.
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    2% bio for all diesel fuels?

    There is a renewable fuel standard which takes effect this fall that states a certain percentage of *gas* sold must be renewable fuel. The standard apparently only refers to gasoline, but they mention biodiesel will count towards a refinery's required percentage. The initial percentage will be...
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    Vibrating RV mirror

    I had the same problem (non-dimming mirror) soon after I bought my car brand new. I took off the back cover and put some folded paper towels in it to hold the glass still. No more annoying rattling. I have a few pictures of the mirror disassembled that may or may not be of any use. If you send...
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    Everyone loves high gas prices!

    You guys are getting closer to the more important topic of sustainability. Running out of oil will force this issue. Some people are predicting a lot of downsizing that will become necessary. It will not always be practical to send goods thousands of miles. Some are talking about the 100-mile...
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    Whew! That scared me!

    I was going up a fairly steep hill on a two-lane road which turns abruptly to the right just before a 4-way intersection. I was in the left-hand lane in my practically-new TDI and this big truck was in the right lane a little ahead of me. I thought I could gun it past him and get into his lane...
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    Why people don't use turn signals

    I'm one of those who do not signal enough. My main reason was that, much of the time, it seemed doing so had no bearing on other drivers. For example, if the only other car on the highway is in front of you, it seems silly to signal your turn into the off-ramp. Even if you have to turn right...
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    Shell Completes $400 Million ULSD Project

    "This significant investment to reduce sulphur in fuel will contribute to improved air quality for all Canadians, building on Shell's commitment to sustainable development." They're very proactive with the environment! Talk about altruistic hehe
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    Is e85 really that bad

    This thread's in the wrong forum, but I'll say that ethanol is good. However, I suspect many of the current ethanol plants wont be feasible after cheap oil has run out. Granted, many advances are being made in this industry as well as bio and hydrogen. The winner hasn't been decided.
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    What is your top speed?

    Anyone recall what their engine sounded like at 120? Sort of like a resonating or pulsing hum?
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    Purdue / Lafayette TDIers?

    Apparently westland has a public pump
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    General PHAT Box comments

    I love my phatbox but my gripes are: It likes to occasionally give me a 'No CD' message which means I have to pull-out and re-insert the cartridge in the trunk a few times. I still haven't learned the silly combination of steps required. This is pretty rare so don't let it scare you off. I...
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    Bicycle carrier for 2003 Jetta GL/TDI Roof or Rear Mount?

    Personally, I'd get a folding bike and put it in the trunk. 300 bucks can get you one at
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    Exxon Mobil Sets Profit Record

    Good video from FoxNews
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    Why Americans should fall in love with the diesel

    I like to accelerate briskly but when I'm even with a gasser at a light, they almost always start out quicker than I do. It's the gasser mentality it seems. When millions of Americans start driving diesels like that, I wonder if lots of turbos will be damaged, giving diesel an unreliable reputation.
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    Why Americans should fall in love with the diesel

    I believe the general public will have a low opinion on how long efficient cars take to warm up in the winter.