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    Glow plug harness plug dissasembly

    Bought a new glow plug 4 wire harness. Found 2 of the wires were not crimped on the plug end that goes in the wire runway. Anyone ever taken one apart? If I can I'd like to repair & solder this one instead of returning it and waiting on another. Any instructions on pin removal for repair are...
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    Slow loss of mpg

    I have a manual ALH Jetta wagon that I've put about 160k miles on. I've noticed that over that time I have gone from 49 mpg by the tank full to about 42 mpg. I drive the same places each week with the same driving style. Any suggestions on what to check?
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    2013 sportwagen no crank update towed to dealership

    Started my car in the garage and it stalled. Reset the keep waited for the glow plugs light to go out. Car won't crank at all. Battery seems good, tried jump box and it still does not turn over. I can hear the starter engage but the engine does not turn over. New timing belt kit 5k miles ago new...
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    Steering shake after cv axle replacement

    Broke the driver's side cv joint had a shop replace the cv axle. After the replacement it has a shake turning right especially. The feeling in the steering wheel is like driving in 4 wheel drive when you steer. Any suggestions, they had the car for 9 days tried a litany of things and nothing...
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    Warm start power loss alh

    I noticed lately that when I start the car and it is cold it runs great no matter how long or far I drive. Randomly after restarting when warm it is low on power but not limp mode. No codes or lights, just falls off noticeably after 2200 rpm. Just do not know where to start. Thanks for any help...
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    2013 jsw unupdate the fix?

    I had the original ecm flashed prior to the fix. After the first trip to verify mileage I lost full 10 mpg so I am contemplating having he original ecm program reinstalled to get the mileage back as this is a 4th vehicle for trips only. Anyone tried is and were there issues that and up to...
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    Alh starts then stalls after 1-3seconds of running

    Had some negative temperatures here and even though the fuel was treated I thought it may be jelling. Changed the fuel filter, filled it. No change in the start return to idle stumble then stall. Any suggestions? I'd say it sounds like a has motor being choked. Thanks in advance, God bless all...
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    Gen 1 jetta sportwagen issues

    Gen 1 jetta sportwagen disappointment No responses pulled off.
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    Abs light came on witout any warnings

    Hit a seam in the road that was just black top filled and the and light came on. Never had any warnings no issues at all. Checked the fuse and cannot get the search feature to work so I figured I'd ask for help. Thanks, Talon
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    Fuel door issue on a 13' JSW

    The fuel door will not release this needs to be pryed open. Any thoughts on correcting this?
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    Oil after dpf/egr delete

    This week I'm going to have the aforementioned service performed, thought it a good time to change the oil. Been running schaffer 9000 in my 03' jetta and like it. Any input on the 13' jetta? Thanks in advance. Talon
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    2013 JSW. Dpf delete question

    Contemplating going this way with my new wagon. Before spending the time and money I'd like to get some input good or bad. Looking at buzzken but using the stock muffler and Malone 2.0. Looking to get the good or bad of doing this. Please, thanks in advance for the help. Talon
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    Sportwagen cargo area protection

    With all the options. I am looking for information from fellow members for a cargo area cover that will do the whole back area with the seats folded down. Trying to avoid buying the wrong one. Thanks, Talon
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    Intercooler freezing issue

    Just picked up a 2013 sportwagen and was wondering how I could tell if the vw replacement had been done to avoid the problems I've read about with the intercooler water retention/freezing. Thanks, Talon
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    Alh glow plug ?

    Removed and replaced 1,2 & 3 without issue. Got to #4 and after soaking them with pb blaster and or oil for a few days before and after driving to warm it up. Eventually got it loose and worked it back and forth soaking it along the way. The part of it you can see is visibly backed out but I...
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    Question about a scanner or software

    I recently have had the 200k blues, one error code after another. In an attempt to rectify them I had a fellow reset the codes. He used software on a tablet that was intuitive, allowed reading and reset of the codes also engine vitals. Rather than driving to town nightly I'd like to buy...
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    Speedometer tach issue

    The needles for each flicker in unison and sometimes go out all together. They are working as far as indicating rpm and speed but are not illuminated so it is difficult to know speed. Anyone had this issue? Thanks &God bless.
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    Identifying a noise in a 2003 jetta wagon manual

    I was on a trip about 2000+ miles on the way home I started to hear a chugging noise while decelerating in gear on downhill stretchs. Thought it was a wheel bearing, got home and jacked it up but there is no sound while running in gear. Now I am unsure if it it a clutch/throw out or a cv joint...
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    2003 Jetta wagon

    Looking at replacing the fan/s for the A/C and Radiator. By looking at it the whole thing looks like a bottom extraction would be best. Any issues to watch for or to avoid damaging something else? Thanks in advance.
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    Wheel application

    Will A4 wheels got on a 2003 jetta wagon?