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    The Non-Return valve in fuel line

    where is the non-return valve on the fuel line. This valve stops fuel from draining back into the gas tank when the car is off leaving fuel in the line for starting. if your car lacks fuel after sitting long periods of time, this could be it and in my case, likely is. This valve must be leaking...
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    Car starts and dies quickly

    After sitting overnight, a cold start will fail because it starts and dies fast unless I pump fuel. Once started, it runs fine and starts right up even if parked for hours. If I fail to start it, it will take about 3-4 tries and then it will start once pressure is built up. I suspect a bad...
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    Bizarre electrical problem

    Simply put, when I turn off my headlights, the left side front and tailights stay lit. The right side turns off. This started to happen out of the blue. I should say the daylight running lights and taillight stay lit, not the headlights. The hi-beams work normal. Is this related to a blown...
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    2011 model?

    Just wondering if anyone has opinion of the 2011 model TDI, I am looking at one for 10K. It has 106K on it. Any recalls? Seems like some have had their turbo and DSG flywheel go as early as 50K. Debating whether I should keep my 2006 (replaced the turbo and flywheel) with 215K.
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    Does anyone have a valid answer?

    Many 2002 VW Jetta 1,8T, automatic, owners have had similar issues about to be described: When engine is cold, say overnight, and started then driven without warm up of 10 min, upon acceleration the car jerks or bucks some and\or seems to go into neutral (meaning, the engine does not stall, but...
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    Turbo related question

    I have a 2002 VW jetta 1.8T, after the car sits overnight or long period of time and engine cold, it takes 10 minutes of idle to warm the engine before driving to avoid some jerking. if the engine is warm or hot, there is no issues with the car. I suspect that the turbo requires some heating up...
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    ABS pump and controller

    If your engine code indicates the ABS pump is bad, can I just replace the pump or do I need to replace both the pump and controller of a replacement? I ask because if just the pump is bad, I can detach the pump from the controller and use the non-defective original one. This way I can avoid...
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    Anti-Skid and ABS lights

    In everyday driving around town, does having the anti-skid and ABS lights lit on the dash have any impact on driving? acceleration?Are they worth finding what the issue is and fixing it? I have read that when the anti skid light is on, the engine power is cut by 50% by the car computer. Is this...
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    Kicking when cold and acceleration

    My 2002 gas 1.8T kicks a little when it is cold upon acceleration. Another odd thing is that when cold, it feels like the tranny slips into neutral for a second before into gear(automatic). Are these related? If the car is warm or has been running for 10 min or longer, NONE of this happens and...
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    Odd stalling sequence

    My 2002 gas Jetta when cold stalls at odd times but more likely from a stop. The stall is weird because it actually feels like the car (automatic) slipped out of gear into neutral for a second or two and then accelerates when gas is applied, other times, it does stall and starts right up. If you...
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    Start and then dies

    My issue is the VW tdi starts and then will die suddenly unless I give it gas. Once started, it runs great and does not stall. I have read it could be the EGR valve and\or fuel lift pump. If this is true, why is there no codes at all? wouldn't either provide a code? or is it because the failure...
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    2002 vw jetta locking issue

    The car will not lock remotely. If the battery in the key is replaced, and nothing happens, then is it all door lock modules? just one door module? if one, just driver side? other things to look at? Perry:confused:
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    Kinda like limp mode

    so, my daughters 2002 VW jetta 1.8 does this odd thing- she is driving around 40 mph usually and when she tries to accelerate, it doesn't, it is like limp mode or something is holding it back. The speed will drop much and then when she accelerates again, it is normal again. This happens...
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    Mysterious random stalling

    Our 2002 VW jetta has developed a random stalling thing. when it happens, it usually when you are coming to a stop and slowing down, at a stop and accelerating, or going 30-40 mph. The car stumbles, the battery light lights, the car dies. the remedy is just put in park and start up fine. It may...
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    Sporadic car die

    At random, the 2002 VW jetta, when slowing to a stop, the battery light will light and the engine dies. It starts right up usually and may or may not happen again. the battery is fine. because it is random, would this be a faulty idle sensor or throttle adjustment issue? the engine light is not...
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    Engine buzz

    My daughters 2002 Jetta 1.8T has a fanlike buzz that continues making noise after the engine is off. What is this? is this normal? it is not the engine fan. It sounds like an electric motor. :confused:
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    Replacing the turbo unit

    when you replace the turbo unit, is it necessary to replace the actuator or can u simply use the old one since it is mostly electronic (assuming it works fine)? There is a price difference with significant savings if you use the old actuator versus buying a new one. Or, should it be replaced...
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    Need help diagnosing DMF installation

    So, my car got a new DMF installed by a German VW mechanic (non-dealer). Installation was fine. yet, afterwards, the car refused to start (car ran fine before this was done). He checked the sensors that may be impacted, they seem to be fine. He is baffled. Is it possible they were disturbed or...
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    Smog issue

    I bought a 02 VW jetta out of state. I am in CA. The car engine light was on, I read the code and turned deleted it. went to smog it. The car has an after market radio in it. First time, the OBD had not reset, so,they told me to drive it 50 miles, came back. The OBD still had not reset so no...
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    Is the 2011 model any better than the 2006?

    So, thinking of upgrading to a nice used 2011 VW jetta TDI, but other than size difference, is the 2011 a better car? I am mixed about its styling. In my case, the biggest reason is mileage- i have 200K, the 2011, 75K. I have read about those that have done this and actually wished they had not...