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    MK3 97 cabrio TDI

    The time has come to part ways with my creation. I have a 97 cabrio converted to AHU? tdi. Engine/trans came out of 97 passat IIRC. It has a rocket chip set. 12mm pump. It runs well IMO. Functionally it works as it should, electronics etc. Did a clutch less than 10k ago. The bad-windshield...
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    ALH 10mm pump core $100 shipped

    ALH 10mm pump core $85 shipped Title says it all. Hard times desperate measures. I don't know history but was planning on eventually rebuilding it. On ebay not sure if i'm allowed to link if not please let...
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    2001 NB 5sp TDi 170k FS

    Hello everyone, Unfortunately the time has come I am going to need to part with my NB tdi. It is silver, cloth interior, power windows, locks etc. It started life as an auto but has been converted to 5 sp last year. It had a new clutch pp flywheel rear main etc at the time, maybe 2-3k ago. The...
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    wtb ahu/1z jetta downpipe

    Hello, i am looking for a downpipe from a mk3 ahu or 1z jetta! I need to finish up my cabrio swap!Cat doesn't need to be functional but should be there. The cheaper the better with the holidays.
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    01 alh nb fuel pump loosing prime help needed

    Hello everyone, i have an 01 nb alh around 166 on the clock. It has been having an issue lately with loosing its prime. It seems fine if i drive it everyday but if it sets for more than two days it seems to loose it. I can get it going by taking return off and filling pump manually and bleeding...
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    Vag Com repair service?

    Does anyone know of a vendor that does vag com repairs? I have a genuine ross tech but it has crapped out, which is really handicapping my projects. Thanks for any input!
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    WTB mk3 tdi pedal assembly manual

    Yes looking for an mk3 pedal assembly for a tdi swap i'm planning. I have the pedal pot in the b4 assembly i have so i won't need that part. Let me know if you have one laying around! Thanks
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    B4 to A3 quick tdi swap What can i expect?

    I'm looking to do a quick swap of a 1z complete swap i scored awhile back into the A3 gasser cabrio i usually drive, its saying change me with 286k on the clock still runs but aging. I have done several weird swaps previously but have always had more time, this one i am on a crunch schedule...
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    FS "fdb" auto 01m needs repair

    FS "fdb" auto 01m needs repair SOLD Hello, I am swapping the goofy 01m from my 01 beetle and popping in a 5sp. So i have the auto up for sale. Its code fdb iirc. It has 165K on it and did still function just not as well as i believe it should. It had a slow 2-3 shift and an intermittant TC lock...
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    FS 2001 nb 169K silver auto with swap parts!

    Hello, I have a 2001 new beetle i picked up last fall, intended it to be my next long term car but it seems life is getting in the way again! It is a silver nb with cloth int. Tires maybe 50-70%. It is an auto. It does run and drive it has an intermittant delay in 2-3 shift but otherwise works...
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    CL 96 golf tdi 90k 3300 durham nc

    not mine just trying to help the cause! In thinking about it, it has my curiosity since i didn't think we got mk3 golf tdi's maybe its only a td?
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    01 NB Where to mount change over solenoid?

    I have a question possibly an easy one but since didn't take this car apart i have no clue and my drawings aren't helping. On a 01 nb alh where exactly does the change over solenoid(anti shudder controller) mount? I have its vacuum line correct thanks to etka but am stumped where to put it, i'm...
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    Dead Bug no fuel solenoid power after tb change

    Hell everyone, I have arrived at a point where i'm kinda stumped and open to suggestion. Some background: i bought a newbeetle tdi on here it, had a TB failure. The PO did me the "favor" of taking it apart to see the damage before i bought it. So i have never heard it run or verified its prior...
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    Timing belt failed after 56k opinions?

    Hello, I just acquired a new beetle in need of some tlc. I am going to be putting it back together but interested in some thoughts on what could have caused a timing belt failure after only 56,000 miles(car has 165k but belt was done at 109k). I doesn't look abused and PO gave me paperwork...
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    FS Garrett T15 028145702

    Hello, I have for sale my mistake, i bought it off craigslist thinking i could use it on my tdi conversion but not thinking or noticing its backwards from normal. I don't feel right taking it back since its my mistake and am not trying to make any money on it. I paid $175 and would like $175...
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    Did anyone get in on the alh short block sale?

    Just curious if anyone here was able to get their hands on the alh blocks that vw had on clearance. I tried but they must have went quick! $499!
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    WTB ahu/1z head

    AS the title states in need of a used head for the ahu or even willing to take a 1z head if you have one around. Anything reasonable? Thanks in advance!
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    any ideas alt ac wp on serp?

    Hello, i have a 97 passat 1z that i am prepping for install into a project and i was hoping somebody had an idea for this. The waterpump is currently running off vbelt with power steering and serp runs ac and alt but i am deleting ps and would like to run water pump off serp set-up any ideas...
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    WTB injector lines 1 and 4?

    Hello, like title says need those two lines. Long story short my motor has only been run on a test bench and they dyno'd some fuel mods by installing valves in the lines for 1 and 4(1z. ahu, alh style). They included two new lines with my set up but they are 3 and 2 somehow. I would like to get...
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    wtb 1z/ahu accesory bracket & tensioner

    Hello, wondering if maybe one of u folks has one laying around your not using. The part would be the large aluminum one that holds ac and alt and tensions the serp belt. Thanks in advance