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    Dropping MPG; Need Suggestions/Confirmation

    Been a while since I've posted or been active here. Reason for that is "Life" and no issues with my sweet ride (03 TDI Jetta Wagon). Lately, I've been experiencing a drop in fuel economy. In the past I was averaging 37 mpg in the city and 44 mpg on the highway which would average out to 42 mpg...
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    Just Gotta Rave!!: Non TDI VW.....

    My trusty old 1992 Isuzu Trooper bought the farm Sat. night. Very sad. She just up and died. No one was hurt, no metal was bent, she went up in flames. Needed a replacement vehicle ASAP. It was the wife's get-around town car. We found a sweet lease return Tiguan with just a shade over 22,000...
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    Need Help Finding a Trusted Mechanic

    My daughter is in L.A., going to school and she owns a 2000 2.SLO gasser Jetta. I'm in Oregon and can't get down there to help with her maintenance need. Hoping to get a few references or suggestions as to where she could take her car for some preventitive maint. Car needs oil change, brake...
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    When/What Injector Nozzel to install?

    What's the average age/miles you all are getting on your fuel injection nozzles? I'm at 135,000 miles and I'm thinking its time for an upgrade. Any thoughts on what to install? 03 TDI wagon w/01M (I know, no cracks please) have a mild tune, 1+, or so.
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    Towing Capabilities

    Looking at purchasing a light weight pop-up camper for road trips and general touring. Wife and I are approcahing retirement and hope to travel a bit more than we have been in the past. Tent-campers all of our life, but looking for a wee bit more comfort than tent-camping offers at this stage...
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    New Problem; Very Low Power

    It was cold this morning; maybe 28F. But it's been cold like that for at least a week or so and I haven't had any performance issues at all. Ever! From a stop, when I'm accelerating, the car moves out really slowly. Foot to the floor and I'm just crawling. No signs of transmission slippage...
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    WTB: 1999.5 Center Hub Cap Assembly

    Dealer wants an arm and a leg for new OEM center hub cap assembly for my daughter's 1999.5 Jetta Mark IV. Does anyone have a set of these theyd like to sell? I'd like to buy all 4. OEM part #1JO 601 149B They are approx. 6.5" in diameter with about a 3.15" dia. "VW" disc in the center.
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    Puzzeled; Drop in MPG

    I've been experiencing a gradual drop in MPG over the last 6 months. It's at a point where I think I need to take some action, but not sure what to do. I've seen about a 4 to 5 MPG drop over the last 6 months no matter the driving conditions; city, freeway, mixed and long road trips. My average...
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    WTB ALH Engine Cover w/ Quick Release

    I've been search all over the internet for an engine cover equipped with magnets, rather than the standard bolts that come OEM. They're a pain to remove and reattach evry time I want to work on something in the engine bay. I thought I had seen somebody here seliing the magnet kits a whaile...
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    Headlight Lamp Replacement ?

    I have e-codes on my 2003 Jetta. I'm a bit confused as to what lamp I should use for replacement. Just noticed last night my right side lamp is out. Do I replace the lamps with 9007 series lamps or H7 series lamps? Any feedback as what what manufacture and lamp model would be greatly...
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    Bora Parts??

    Where's Aaron?? Been calling him for the last 2 days (his cell #) to schedule a parts pick-up at his warehouse. Can't connect to his phone. No ring tone, no nothing. Any one here have any idea what might have happened? Hope he's ok. Really weird. I guess I'll try an email and see if he...
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    03 Wagon; ABS Brake System Fluid Capacity

    I'll be installing the 1st set of replacement brake rotors and pads on all four wheels in the next few days and want to replace the old brake fluid with fresh new fluid. I've looked everywhere but can't find the fluid capacity for the brake system. I don't want to purchase more fluid than I...
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    WTB: OEM radio

    My daughter has a 1999.5 "new" Jetta with a POS aftermarket radio and she'd like an OEM uint with CD/Tape AM FM radio capabilities. Anyone know what Monsoon unit came OEM with this model year? Anyone have one for sale? PM or reply here in this thread. Thanks all. Happy Holidays!!
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    Oil Change Quandry

    Hi All, Got a 3500 mi rt road trip coming up in 3 weeks. I'm sitting on 107,450 mi. and the oil change interval I strive to maintain is every 10,000 miles. Next OC due at 110,000. I'm not going to be close to 110,000 mi. by the time I leave on my trip, but will probably be close to 112,000...
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    Audi R8

    I know, non-deisel car, but family related. First time ever seeing an Audi R8 in person. WB on Beaverton-Tualatin Hwy, near Hillsboro, OR. Turning into the Intel parking lot. All Black. Serious, Nasty looking car!!
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    Need Some Guidance; Non VW Question

    Hi All; I need some guidance. My daughter is going to school in Maryland, she's 22 and somewhat naive when it comes to automobile maintenance. We've tried and tried to instill in her the importance of scheduled maintenance, but to her, schedueld maintenance is filling the gas tank when its...
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    Seat Heater Switch Broken

    My passenger side front seat heater switch is in the off position, but the seat is hot hot hot. Wasn't there a TSB or a recall for the seat heater switch? As I remember, I thought it was just for the driver side seat. I don't relish taking it into the dealer for repair, but if it's a free...
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    Aging Headlight lamps???

    As the lamps in our headlights age, do they become dimmer? Or, do they just quit working all together. Have OEM Hella E-Codes w/fogs and I think my headlight lamps are dimmer then they were a year ago. Either that or my eyesight, being a year older, is failing exponetially. Looking for Osram...
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    Both Key FOBs capput!!

    My daughter's 1999.5 new Jetta gasser has experienced a Key FOB malfunction. We have 2 Key FOBs and niether one will re-programm when I insert the key into the door lock and press the "un-lock" button or when I press the "lock" button. Does anyone have any idea what might have happened...
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    Mini Road Trip Starting Tomorrow

    Headed out to Henry's Fork from Portland, Or. in the wee hours of the AM tomorrow. Car has a new TB, recently cleaned the EGR Intake Manifold, fresh oil change and filters. Can't wait to hit the road. Planning to spend some time on the Madison, multiple waters in YNP and of course, the...