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    Hello ! I will soon install an MFD screen. But i have to make a harness to test by VCDS and check the good funtioning of the cluster. I tired a harness but it dosen't workk with VCDS. I have connected the CAN H and L confort and motor. It's a cluster IBIZA 6L it's same POLO 9n. You have a idea ?
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    Soft pedal clutch

    Hello !! the clutch pedal has been soft for a while. I pump the pedal back to normal. I have already changed the master clutch and slave cylinder. of course I have already done several purges. To purge I use a device which puts under pressure the circuit but no leak appears. on the other hand, I...
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    My AHU no start

    hello !! my car no want start. The engine only start whit cleaner, if i turn off it's impossible start. I have already check: - vagcom no code - relay 109 it's ok - Pump selenoid it's ok 12v on - I tested a new pump (engine always no start) - I tested all injector (engine always no...
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    ECU chipping

    hello!! i want chip my ecu bosch golf mk4 110hp vp it's europen car. I want know the reference plcc. Iam already open the ECU but on the eprom there are a label. But it's difficult read the refrence. My question is the reference plcc it's the same for all ecu bosch 0281001613 ? sory for my...