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    FS 2015 Golf TDI SEL Black/Black DSG

    Selling a mint VW TDI SEL with DSG auto transmission. Private sale. On for $24,800 (obo)Loaded. Been dealer maintained. Runs amazing. Fun to drive. No problems. Ever. Comes with 100,000 extended VW Gold Warranty which was purchased with car. AND it comes with extra set of Wheels and 8...
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    Resale value in light of recent events

    So. In light of the VW emissions debacle, anyone care to weigh in on what the resale value will be for TDIs? Will it plummet or maybe even increase since no used or new TDI's can be sold through dealers? I got a 2015 TDI SEL, which I love...Just wondering.
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    Airbag Warning/Failure - VW stumped for a week

    Airbag Warning/Failure - VW stumped for a week- In loaner still Just a courtesy post to fellow 15' Golf TDI drivers. Noticed that airbag warning was showing that BOTH airbags were not working. Took car in for 30k service, Inspection sticker, and troubleshoot. Was told code showed I needed new...
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    Air bag warning

    Strange. I just read about the VW recall of several models because of airbag problems. I saw that the vehicles stopped at 2014 and since I own a 15 I ignored it. As luck would have it, two days later I'm getting a warning at start up that both airbags in front are not working. Nothing is...
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    Odd oil problem and warning.

    Sorry for preamble/setup/background: Got 17 K. No issues. Dealer service at 10K. Everything normal. Other day I noticed car sounded and felt a little off. Running fine and hard to describe exact sound or "feel." Nothing major. So for hell of it I checked the oil and it was halfway up the grated...
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    FS or Trade 2015 OEM VW Golf 18" Wheels (Want 16s)

    I have a set of 18's on my new 15 Golf TDI SEL The tires on them are Pirelli 225-40-18 They have 10,000 miles on them. Wheels have a couple light curb marks on them but other than that everything is in awesome shape. I am seeking OEM VW 16s with decent tires that will fit my car. I live in...
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    New battery for key already?

    Getting a message on my display to replace my key battery. Car is about 4 months old. I don't lean on the thing or use it anymore than others. Seems to work fine. Message occurs, I'd guess, half the time I start the car up. Is this normal or occurring with anyone else?
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    Stupid awesome tires/ Stupid pothole$

    So my super awesome 18's that came with the SEL have had their first issue. Hit a tiny pothole last night and it popped my tire. I'm from New England I've hit WAY bigger potholes before I can't believe it caused this much damage. (I'll definitely try to get reimbursed from town at some point)...
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    Anyone know if this new recall affects the TDI

    Noticed this recall today. "The Volkswagen Beetle, Golf, Jetta and Passat are the subject of a new recall which has been recently announced by the car manufacturer. According...
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    Can the horrible Navi issue be fixed?

    Preface this by saying I don't care or want to know about your Garmin or Waze app or all the other "better" third party solutions. I also don't care that buying the NAV is never worth it and you never buy the nav and etc etc :) We know. The fact is there are a lot of drivers that have the NAV...
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    Roof rack with sunroof?

    Subject kinda asks the question. I have a '15 Golf SEL with sunroof. Can I add a roof rack? Is there an official/specific VW part to do it? Will it interfere with sunroof operation?
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    Chip it?

    I have the US MK VII Golf SEL model. There are two chips being sold at this site. Which one is for my car? VW Golf MK7 2.0 TDI 150 110 148 | 320 236 or VW Golf MK7 2.0 TDI 184 135 181 | 380 280 Anyone use this company before? Will this void my...
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    Useless "Hatch open" button on key

    If you don't use the hatch unlock button, you must walk up to the car and press unlock (or do nothing if the car is already unlocked) and then lift the VW badge handle and open the hatch. However, when one uses the awesome convenience of the "hatch open" button on the key remote...
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    MPG impressions on 2015 Golf so far

    1500 miles. 60-40 hwy/city Mpg average 42 First three tanks mpg 39,42,47 Pretty happy since I've been using AC and driving pretty carefree and enjoying the sport and dsg rpms. Tank is noticeably smaller and range will never allow 600
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    Only problem w/ 15 Golf TDI SEL -The Nav

    I'm curious to talk to anyone about their experience with the navigation unit in the SEL. It is virtually unusable. I have my own Garmin which I have used in every car I've owned. Even "luxury" ones with great Navs. The Garmin, though not perfect, is very good. And in recdent months I've...
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    Got a new 2015 TDI SEL Black on Black

    After many enjoyable cars that were diesels I had sworn off TDI's a few years ago when my 2006 jetta tdi died at only 38,000 miles. VW pissed me off and didn't stand by their well documented problems. Well. I've been looking from the sidelines and checking in on the new models and I'm officially...
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    2006 Jetta Pkg.1 Sirius-Black-Auto Trans-Massachusetts

    2006 JETTA TDI BLACK PKG.1 SIRIUS -$17,500 (Boston,Mass) I live in Boston Massachusetts and I want to sell my 2006 Jetta TDI. It has 97,000 miles. Yes, 97,000 miles.:) I have driven back and forth from Boston to NY and NJ quite a bit for work since I purchased it in October of 2005. I am...