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    B4 Passat TDI Pedal Cluster + Potentiometer

    Sorry, sold it back in March.
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    B4 Passat TDI Pedal Cluster + Potentiometer

    Have a B4 Passat TDI Pedal Cluster with the poteniometer. SOLD
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    B4 TDI Gauge cluster

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    My Corrado G60 to AHU swap.

    Hey guys, don't worry - she's safe and sound... in the garage. Coming up on 4 years as a project, I know that I'm not even close to being in the running for longest Corrado project ;) maybe for this particular one, though. I had it out and took it for a drive around the neighborhood in the...
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    We are on Kickstarter! Device for vehicles!

    Incorrect that its "for Android OS" the device USES Android OS- a nice open source platform for this sort of development. The notifications they were receiving are platform independent- they're probably doing their development on a Mac. I would too
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    My Corrado G60 to AHU swap.

    Got the drain tube lined up in the right place, took longer than I wanted and my dash is mostly apart again. No fun. Turns out it was the right diagram for my problem, but it didn't help with my problem - heh, see below. So heres the deal - I traced that pink/white wire back to my switch -...
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    My Corrado G60 to AHU swap.

    So I promised a real update at some point - finishing the car to have it on the road this summer is my new years resolution - so I'm going to make this happen. I had a fiasco with a power steering rack over the summer which took far too long to get sorted out with FCP Euro. In the end they were...
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    My Corrado G60 to AHU swap.

    So I swapped the wiper motor with one from an mk3 since mine didn't want to work. Lovely job for cold hands in tight spaces. The fresh air fan isnt working. I checked fuses, and the relay appears to be brand new. I've just chased the HVAC wiring backwards and forwards - and everything seems to...
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    My Corrado G60 to AHU swap.

    Haha.hey now, the engine is in and the car is (getting flat spots) on all 4 wheels. I didn't work on the car last weekend because I went skiing instead.
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    My Corrado G60 to AHU swap.

    Awesome- I understand all of those! Okay- I really slacked off last summer. I had a nightmare of a time with the power steering rack but got that sorted and everything seated back in place by October. I have a list of items to do to make the car roadworthy (with a trunk full of tools and...
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    Where to find wiring diagram for my 1997 Jetta TDI?

    Look in the conversion/swap FAQ.
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    2012+ Passat TDI: What did you pay?

    Sounds like a decent deal to me. Carmax is still trying to get $21k for my former 2013 SE 6MT with 36k miles.
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    Saw it on CL 1966 VW BULLI T1 TRANSPORTER

    "Only one for sale anywhere" Yeah, sure. And since its a bus variant ts a Type 2.
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    It hat arrived...

    Put it in an A5 or S5.