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    FS: Downpipe and Cat for A4 TDI

    Used OEM downpipe and Catalytic Converter. I bought this a few years the time I was told it was from a pretty new car (like a 2003?). I was going to use this for my TDI Scirrocco (I was considering coverting my AHU motor to use a VNT and so wanted to newer style downpipe). Well, I...
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    Weight Does matter?

    I underestimated the effect of weight on fuel economy. I recently changed swapped my TDI Drivetrain from a '91 Jetta into an '84 Scirocco. Here's the deal: While it doesn't look so, the Jetta in fact has much better aerodynamics than the slippery *looking* scirocco. However, the car was pretty...
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    Bizzarre Code(s). My vag-com wont' translate this one!

    OK, the first is a no brainer, but has anyone seen the last three? The last one doesn't even have a description. Has anyone seen that one before?? Thanks in advance for any info or insight --Chris 00560 - Exhaust Gas Recirculation System 17-10 - Control Difference - Intermittent...
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    WTB: Epsilonian Device (for an A3/AHU if that matters)

    If in fact, this "device" exists. I have an AHU motor (but I think it probably doesn't matter)?
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    WTB: Working EGR valve

    I the EGR valve a separate piece on the A4? I'm looking for one of these -- a working standalone EGR valve to play with A4 style. Anyone have one for sale? --Chris
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    Help Request! Have your Bentley handy??

    I need to finish installing my clutch tonight. It seems I have the wrong (not to mention cheesy) manual. Can anyone let me know the following for my '98 Jetta TDI (AHU motor): 1) what are the torque specifications for the Flywheel to Crankshaft bolts? 2) also, what are the torque...
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    Wiring questions...Got Bentely?

    Hey I don't know if anyone could help, but I'm trying to figure out how I can cut away the minmal wiring to run my TDI MIL-free in a swap recipient. A little background, currently the entire A3 wiring harness and drivetrain are in my '91 Jetta. I'm transplanting this stuff to a new...
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    NIB ALH 80K timing belt + tensioner $85 shipped

    Got from the Harv settlement for the A4 timing belt stuff but can't use in the near future. Just have the new belt and matching tensioner. --C
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    FS: A4 Timing belt kit ALH

    This is just the A4 80K timing belt kit for from Harvieux as part of the settlement but I won't be using; Don't know what to ask so Best Offer!..i.m. be bids
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    WTB: 3 bolt downpipe or 4->3 bolt adapter

    I just heard from Jeff at Rocketchip regarding bringing my A3 to AFN specs. Other than a VNT-15/17 I need this: "You can also get the AFN110 tuning, for use with vnt15/17 turbo. This requires the A4 N75, and 3 bolt exhaust downpipe or downpipe 4bolt-3bolt adapter. ". Does anyone have a 3...
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    WTB: Chip matched for .205 linjecotrs on an AHU

    I have the "JB" ecu.. anyone returning to stock and want to part w/ their mod?
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    VAG=> "Fuel shut-off valve... mechanical failure"

    VAG=> \"Fuel shut-off valve... mechanical failure\" Has anyone gotten this? Is this fixable? Any insights? Also, the symptom (revving at startup) happened at the same time as a constant loss in boost pressure. Are these related? (wondering if the brain limits fuel for this code to avoid a...
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    Record for a N.American TDI powered car?

    Have to tell someone. Got 60 mpg!!!! Caveats: 1)Was driving with windows up, no A.C. in scorching weather 2)Mirrors both sides folded back 3)Antenna Removed 4)Windshield Wiper blades removed 5)Didn't exceed low 60s in MPH 6)Light semi-aerodymanic car...'91 Jetta w/ AHU TDI conversion which...
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    Easy one: what's the diameter for stock exhaust

    Easy one: what\'s the diameter for stock exhaust Anyone know for sure what the stock diameter is for the A3 exhaust piping? Thanks in advance for sharing .
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    What's better? Lighter or more slippery?

    What\'s better? Lighter or more slippery? Anyone care to guess where'd I'd get the most fuel mileage bang for my buck in doing a TDI swap? Please look here at this thread and let me know what you think. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    WTB: 82-84 Scirocco to receive TDI

    Anybody know of where one of these might be lying around? I know i know...seemingly non TDI-related. I'm currently driving a conversion and would like to transfer the drivetrain to one of these. Any leads would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Steady State boost at altitude?

    Anyone know what kind of steady state boost I should be expecting in PSI here in Colorado...I'm up at 5400 ft. Any info would be appreciated. You da man (or woman?) in advance. --Chris
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    Updated...Car doesn't run right w/ EGR

    Updated...Car doesn\'t run right w/ EGR Hello, I was just wondering... Can the EGR get clogged up and the intake still be unclogged? My car runs perfectly fine w/ the EGR [disconnected] soon as the vacuum line is reconnected the car hesitates and bucks under 2k rpm. Like I said...runs...
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    WTB Your A3 performance chip Any Brand

    That sums it up...just looking for cheap chip.
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    A4 Sunroof Glass

    Anyone need new glass. The track is useless but the glass is good.