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    18000 code on a swapped alh.

    Just got ready for my first drive in the shops alh tdi kubvan. However. I am getting a map sensor altitude implausible corelation code. Checked measuring blocks 10/11 and the baro matches the manifold pressure. Requested vs actual matches. 150hp kit from kerma zero mile rebuilt long block s7...
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    ALH into a 63 DC.

    Hello, I am working on my personal/shops 63 doublecab. I have it mounted to the trans using a kennedy adapter. Working on a front engine mount/cradle. Had a couple questions. 1. has anyone used the alh filter housing without a filter in the top and put a spin on filter on the bottom...
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    DSG Basic Settings ERROR(s)

    I have an 06 TDI Jetta DSG, I am trying to reset the basic settings, the display was flashing and its only going into 1st, no Reverse.. I am assuming my problem is the Mechatronics unit, but is there something else I am missing. I am gettting an Error on group 61, 60, so I cannot even start...
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    FS: Mk4 VR6 Spindles brakes and parts

    FS: Mk4 VR6 Part Out, spindles brakes ect MK4 VR6 Spindles, good for a TDI or 2.0 upgrade, -- 150.00 can _-- no rear calipers I have the strut and spring assemblies as well, the car was not wrecked, bad transmission and hail damage. 75.00 Also have these parts::: please email me at...
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    Trip and Clock reset everytime the car is restarted

    Car showed up today, and the misses said, the trip and clock have been resetting for a while now.. Car starts fine, clean terminals, battery tests out fine, alternator is charging properly. I believe it also is causing a bit of "driveablility" issues due to it losing the soft coding everytime...
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    1z mk1 Turbo question

    Well.... honestly I have not upgraded a 1z to a VNT setup ever.. I understand how it works, what I am curious about is if the AFN manifold is required for Mk3 setups only (to bolt on a vnt 15/17/22) or if you can use the mk4 units that are being sold with a manifold and everything? Is there a...
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    FS: 10mm Injection Pump Rebuilt

    I have a pump rebuilt by South East Diesel Services in Chattanooga, TN I had it rebuilt, and ran it for 2K or so, and had a lifter go out in the same car, so I bought a wrecked Jetta and pulled the whole motor and swapped it into the car. I have some pictures on the FleaBay, I am more than...
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    2 ALH diesels, different VAG readings

    I have to personal cars that are diesels, my wifes 02 beetle stock as the day it came off the line, and mine 03 golf 2dr which just has RC2 and some 502s. I replaced her pump with one off of my rebuilt shelf because it gave me a timing deviation code and the timing wouldnt stay put on the...
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    Had an odd one today.. Step inside

    So I get a car in today with low power, a bad tick, a code for a temporary /intermittent pump timing deviation, (17656) and a horrible idle.. At first glance I thought it to be a IP problem, however the deviation was gone after it was cleared. It still idled rough, so I decided to pop the valve...
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    Vacuum leak after shut off.

    I had a bad line from the n75 to the VNT actuator, replaced it, I still have a leak sound when the car shuts off. Sometimes, (not everytime) it will do it after I have stopped at a light. It sounds like a vacuum leak like a bad diaphram or something. The car runs well its a 03 2dr golf tdi 5...
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    IQ measuments fluctuate bad... bad pump?

    I have a 2000 Jetta with a Upsolute chip, 205 nozzles and a 11mm pump, my injection quanity numbers jump horribly at idle, the car has a peroidic #3 misfire code, did I mention it cannot idle smooth... I have done some searching and have found plenty on SdS causes and solutions but I am...
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    WTB: MKIV tdi motor ecu and harness

    I am doing a transplant and need the essentials. I would prefer the motor to be complete and relatively low miles, a pre IMMO would also be prefered. thanks for any information
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    WTB:: MK4 TDI Valve Cover

    Just looking for a new/used tdi valve cover.. post miles/condtion/asking price.
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    Joining the gang of selling a pump kit.. 199shipp

    I have a NEW 11mm or 12mm either one is up for grabs at 199USD shipped.. in the US.. PM me or Email... Let me know..
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    WTB 11mm pump.. complete or a rebuild/upgrade kit

    Topic says it... preferably moderate miles.. I am just needing a new pump as mine is making starts harder and harder.
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    For Sale: Upper Intercooler Pipes, NEW MKIV

    I have a couple New Upper Intercooler Pipes availible 2 with the MAP sensor integrated and 2 without.. I would like about 65 plus actual shipping for these... Thanks alot..
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    okay.. randomly I was going down the highway and my boost spikes to 24-27 so I drop the trottle and ease it back to 18-19 range.. and it would still run up past 20psi and then after 20 miles or so and it would go into limp mode and if I shut the car off and start it back up it was fine.. please...
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    WTB ::: MKIV TDI Valve Cover New or used...

    Okay that is what I am looking for MKIV TDI Valve cover 99.5-03 preferably. Used is better because I can buy them new... I am just looking to try somthing and need an extra valve cover for it...
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    Brake Upgrade Kit... 11.3 WTB>>>

    Brake Upgrade Kit... 11.3 WTB>>> I am wanting to buy a BBK for my TDI. I would just like to use the 11.3s that are on the other cars and go to a drilled rotor maybe... I really dont care... I didnt know if anybody had a spindle from a VR6 or 18t laying around I have the calipers and rotors if I...
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    Chattering in the pedals.. Intermittent.. variable

    Okay a 99.5 TDI with 141k on it, I personally have put 50k of that on the car... It just recently started to shimmy and chatter in the floor/pedal area when I am traveling at Highway speed (60+). It does not do it consistantly like a wheel bearing. it is a mild shudder followed by a lul and...