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    A5 MT5 PD Rough Idling at lights

    I notice sometimes (regardless of ambient air temp, summer or winter) that when I idle at a stoplight, i get a rough idle at 800rpm...the whole car seems to shudder. If i blip the throttle, it goes away while the RPM is up, and shdders again at 800 rpm... The act is random and hard to...
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    Tax Credit for Fuel Efficient Vehicles

    Excuse my ignorance. I am from New Jersey, where ignorance is bliss: I bought my TDI to save myself oodles of money in fuel costs (i drive 65 miles each way 4x a week to work). I previously had a Dodge Dakota 4x4 V8 that averaged 16mpg. My average fuel bill a week averaged 130-150$. My fuel...
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    05.5 Oil Change Questions

    Just performed the first oil change myself with 505.01 oil (dealer wanted $90). I bought a case of oil and two filters for $90- will do the first two changes myself. Dealer kept giving me the 05 oil filters instead of the 05.5. I drained the oil completely and changed the oil filter - and...