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    FS: 2002 TDI 236k

    FS: 2002 TDI 265k Well, my wife and I both have jobs in town now, so that will save a ton of fuel; but now there is no point in the diesel for us, so time to sell the TDI. 2002 Silver Jetta TDI, 265k highway kms, winter tires installed, plus set of all seasons off rims. .205 Kermas, 1500W...
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    Prius Outdoes Hummer in Environmental Damage
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    Eco Vandalism

    WASHINGTON — When Gareth Groves brought home his massive new Hummer, he knew his environmentally friendly neighbors disapproved. But he didn't expect what happened next. The sport utility vehicle was parked for five days on the street before two masked men smashed the windows, slashed the tires...
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    it ain't as green as it looks A few more "it ain't as green as it looks" observation. * Automotive articles suggest hybrid (gas/electric powered) vehicles could be more damaging to the environment than gas-powered competitors. It's those...
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    Torque Converter #?

    Two questions for the gurus: #1, on a 2002 Jetta, is the TC different between a gas model and a diesel model, and 2) can anyone give me the part number for it? I'm having "issues" and I want to make sure the shop put the right thing in. If they did, it sounds like there me be a...
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    Hidden Hitch F/S - local pickup please

    This is a duplicate post, it is also posted in the For Sale ads but I thought it would be appropriate here also since I'm looking for local pickup on it. I have a Class 1 Hidden Hitch that I installed on my '01 Jetta in September, but never even mounted a ball on it. Along with this is the...
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    Mk IV Hidden Hitch - Local pickup please

    I have a Class 1 Hidden Hitch that I installed on my '01 Jetta in September, but never even mounted a ball on it. Along with this is the wiring 5 -4 box purchased at the same time. Everything together $ 140., local pickup only please. I live in Woodstock and work in Cambridge, even willing to...
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    Dang &!#@% auto transmission

    So my car goes in Saturday to Pioneer Transmission in Waterloo to have it's tranny at least partially rebuilt. It is an '02 Jetta with 191k kms. It went funny on me once back in the summer with the torque converter not locking up, threw a "Torque Converter Lockup Malfunction - intermittent"...
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    Air bag light

    Yay for me, I'm now part of this group. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. 2001 Jetta,145k kms auto, w/piller airbags as well. Last Sunday I hooked up the wiring for a trailer, spade connected to the back of the tail lights. Did the 5 brake light mod while I was at it. Have not hooked a trailer up to it...
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    load leveler/air shocks?

    Has anyone ever installed load levelers or air shocks on a MK IV Jetta? I've been researching it online, can't even seem to find a manufacturer for this car, wondering if someone found something else close enough to bolt in maybe? It sure would be better when towing a trailer. Any ideas /...
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    Brake interlock?

    Tried searching this first, probably just missed it but: Car: '02 TDI 155k kms, auto tranny. Symptom: (just learned of it today from wife) While trying to get the car in gear yesterday, it would not come out of Park. She tried pushing harder on brake pedal (I have since told her she only needs...
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    Temperature light stays on when cold out?

    I imagine this has been covered, I just haven't found it in a search. Last night when both my wife and I left work, we both had the temperature light come on in both the Jetta's when we started them. Mine stayed on for about 3 minutes, but hers stayed on the entire 50 minute drive home. I'm sure...
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    LED aftermarket Fog Lights

    Anyone have any experience with aftermarket LED Fog lights? I hadn't even heard of these before, I know they work well in flashlights but are they powerful enough to really be used in an automotive application?
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    WTB: Rear cupholder assy for A4 center console

    WTB rear cupholder for center console to fit an '02 (black) and a rear cupholder to fit an '01 (tan)
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    Ooops, I did it again

    So back on May 30'th, I purchased my first TDI, an '02 Silver Jetta with 119k kms on it, and dealer put a new TB in it. No worries, one of our guys did the work. The previous owner was very thorough at keeping things done, and the dealership I purchased it at did all the work. Since then I've...
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    Looking for Christopher Noonan and Larry North

    Larry (from London), I purchased your traded '02 Jetta May 30, Chris (from Burlington), I'll be bringing home your traded '01 Jetta Thursday. Would like to talk to each of you for more info on the vehicles.
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    Cold Air Intake with K&N type filter

    Hey guys, saw this CAI CAI I've read many times here not to use a K&N as it can damage the MAF with the oil, but was thinking that this intake places the filter much farther away then the stock setup. Do you guys think it would still be an issue for the greater distance that the oil from the...
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    Hey look! VW didn't screw up the Golf GT!

    Hey look! VW didn\'t screw up the Golf GT! Gotta admit, my wife and I both hated it on first look. Looks like an oversized Sprint if you ask me, or an oversizrd go-cart if you ask her. Why can't VW just stay with their proven German (Or European) looks instead of trying to be a Japanese car...
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    Tip for keeping bearings in boat trailers

    If you own a boat on a trailer, I'd like to give you a tip to help you keep long life in your trailer wheel bearings. First off, use a good wheel bearing grease with high water resistance properties; it should say it on the label. Only fill the hub with enough grease so that with the spindle...