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    MK5 Parts - Dieselgate Stock-out

    Stocked my car out this weekend and all add-ons are for sale! I take paypal and cash. All prices are shipped in 48US. I don't want to deal with shipping out of the country unless you make the additional work/time worth my while. All parts came off a 2010 Jetta (MK5) and some will also fit...
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    Thoughts on when to stop paying loan?

    I am not saying to stop paying your car loan due to buyback! Now that that's out of the way, what I am saying is: how often/when do you think VW will communicate with the banks on the payoff balance of our loan? Once early on? Once early on and once just before cutting the check? Once just...
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    Circuit's MK5 Jetta

    Hi everyone! I haven't posted much on here, but have done a ton of reading and of course keeping up with "Threadzilla." I thought I'd introduce myself and start a little build thread for my Jetta to keep track of all the changes. My name is Chris and I live in the SF bay area. Engineer by...