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  1. J

    vw payback

    just heard from my buddy at audi that vw will be giving msrp and 10k on the tdi
  2. J

    next tune advise

    im confused... i thought stg 3 was 190/350 now its 180/310? and stg 3.5 is 190/315 my stg 2 dynod 165/310 .... i now have cr170 turbo on.... how long will the stock clutch last with stg 3/ 3.5
  3. J

    stg 2 malone in Mass

    any one have a stg 2 malone tune with dpf misplacement in mass and have it pass inspection? or readiness test?
  4. J

    dyno tdi and new rims

    happy with the numbers malone stg 2 and dp 165/312
  5. J

    stock motor internals capabilities

    whats the limit or said limits for the rods on the CR Tdi's
  6. J

    what are these..

    what are these and can i delete/weld them up? my car is 13 stg 2 tdi thank you
  7. J

    nitrous on 13 tdi

    anyone running a small nitrous shot on a tdi? i have some smoke in the upper rpms from 2-5th gear... so i know nitrous would help cool and make burn that unburnt fuel... im thinking a 20-25 hp shot