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    Oil leak...

    Hi guys, 2012 passat has had an oil leak for quite some time now. I've just been topping it off but want to try and find the source as the dripping has become greater recently. Last oil change at 10k miles showed 1.5 quarts low. Looks like above the oil pan maybe 1 foot there is a rubber...
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    St. Louis TDI mechanic

    Anybody in the forum a STL native? Curious who you use for TDI maintenance. Looking for somewhere that's not a dealer to save money if possible. Approaching 120k in my 2012 passat. Planning on doing the DSG maintenance myself but was told I need timing belt and a few other things around 120k...
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    DEF fluid types

    Hey all, Does it matter if you use Adblue or blue Def? Need to add some and seems like blue Def is way cheaper. Never done this before, figured I'd as the pro's! Thoughts?
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    Burning smell coming from engine compartment

    Recently noticed my 2012 tdi having a burning smell when I exit the vehicle. Smell seems to be located around the front of the car. Also notice my engine fan runs even when i turn the car off sometimes. Temp Guage shows normal temperatures. Engine coolant is full. Any ideas?
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    2013 Passat TDI Purchase discussion

    Hello All, I am looking into purchasing a 2013 Passat TDI SE. I drive 30-36k miles a year and just absolutely destroy the value of cars due to mileage. I was draw to the TDI cause of the length of life in the diesel engine, great mileage, and also I enjoy the look of the car. I am familiar...