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    Welding the body of a A3

    So first off, no I'm not junking it, second, finding a donor body is damn near impossible and I have no way of getting it to my home. Now that that's out of the way, anyone here welded the body of an A3? I know its a unibody, I know its sheet metal, I was going for 16 gauge (non-galvanized so I...
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    Vr6 clutch for stage 3 tune

    I know this is a thing, right now I'm looking at a stage 3 tune for a 98 vw Jetta TDI with AHU motor, I have .220 nozzles from a fb guy who has a great reputation, ko3/ko4 hybrid turbo by kermatdi. Should I go vr6 clutch which is rated for 300 ft lbs or should I go with a true stage 3 clutch for...
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    AHU no boost

    Hate to be this that guy but I'm new to VWs and diesels and manuals, I'm a jeep guy, but I wanted to try a new step. Bought this 1998 VW Jetta TDI AHU, runs, drives, shifts, stops. It's in limp mode, now I know what your saying, read the FAQ about no power. I have chased a no boost (start up...