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    Looking for a shell or whole car.

    So I was driving too fast for the conditions and hit black ice and spun off the road. I turned on the hazards and grabbed a couple flares. Didn’t make it in time and a Ford truck put the finishing touches on the Passat. It still runs but looks like a derby car and needs a lot of front suspension...
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    WTD Rear seat belt

    Does anyone know what other belts or where to find replacement belts for the rear of A B4...I ordered one and it didn't work. Any help appreciated. If anyone has the passenger side rear I'm looking.
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    1997 B4 wagon rear passenger seat belt WTD

    I need a passenger side rear seat belt for a B4 Passat, its a wagon, i'm not sure if that matters. I have seen where people have problems with them and fix them. My problem is whomever had that problem cut the seat belt off so I have nothing to fix and will need one for inspection. I don't care...
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    glow plug light stays lit but dim.

    OK so a bit of a frankenstein, I put the dash out of a VR6 car because mine was a dead soldier. Everything seems to work but a few things are out of order/calibration. The tach is off as people said it would be. The Glow plug light is in the position of the CEL. The glow plug light lights up as...
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    Battery light on, charging at 14.1

    Well just like the title says, my battery light is on, my battery shows like 12.6 just sitting there and 14.1 when the motor is running. revving it up does nothing to the light. New to this car, new to the TDI game, not new to VW or wrenches but this is my first water cooled VW. Bought it cheap...
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    1997 Passat Wagon Cluster

    Total Newbie, I searched this out which is how I ended up on this forum and I have searched the forum. I am a solid wrench, I'm O.k. with electrical but stronger with mechanical for sure. My cluster is dead, shows nothing but the lights at the bottom, no digital read of odometer, no tach, no...