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    2007 Baltimore Auto Show

    The Motor Trend Auto Show is coming 8-12 Febuary and I am looking for a group of us to visit the show and have a lunch/dinner afterward. Here is a link for more details. I will suggest either Saturday or Sunday because we can get street parking and...
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    Breakfast at Ikea mini GTG

    Its been a while and either cool cold or too wet to install all gifts Santa brought for your TDI so how about the $.99 breakfast at Ikea in Collage Park Maryland? The Baltimore crew has I-95 to zoom down, the DC people can zoom up the BW Parkway and Virginia can zip along the Capital Beltway...
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    PhatNoise Store Sale

    The PhatNoise store( )is having a sale on accessory items like a 60Gb drive for $294 and the 40Gb drive for $209 I think. I picked up a 60 Gb drive and a second cradle, never can have too much drive space and a looong vacation to the Southwest next summer woo-woo. Have...
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    How to Rent a Diesel in Europe?

    I have a co-worker who has suffered through 2.5 years of hearing about the wonders of diesel and my Jetta in particular and is taking a Honeymoon across the pond in May. He would like to rent a diesel car and something that he can not get in the US and when he hits the rental sites for reserving...