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  1. shaark92

    𝐎𝐑𝐑𝐑 𝐍𝐨𝐨𝐨! 𝐍𝐞𝐰 𝐋𝐒𝐠𝐑𝐭 π‚πšπ¦πž 𝐨𝐧! 𝐖𝐓𝐅? 𝟐𝟎𝟏𝟐 π‰πžπ­π­πš π“πƒπˆ

    At risk of getting pooped ... I'd find a good offline mechanic who is familiar with the TDI ... and loose the DPF if you're not in an emission's county. There is NOTHING wrong with these cars, just that some entity didn't want little diesels in the US market and bought the EPA. checkout the...
  2. shaark92

    Who have more than 250,000 miles on 06 jetta tdi?

    I have one like this. Purchased it new. Package 2. 5 speed with the .658 5th gear. not quite 250K miles on it. (249.5, I'm on the tank of fuel to get me over 250) Cam, clutch, EGR delete, rear brake pads, but original front pads, both front wheel bearings R/R'd. Mine has more road rash than...
  3. shaark92

    06 Jetta 5spd Manual Trans Fluid Change?

    255K miles ... same gear oil. Works good lasts a long time.
  4. shaark92

    Longest commute.

    210 mile commute. trips/week vary but usually no more than 3x/week. This has been the perfect car for that job. 14 years on the car ... 18 on the commute.
  5. shaark92

    No boost till 2000rpm! Please help

    My Kerma Tune does that a little bit. Needs 2K to start performing. I avoid "cruising" <1800 RPM. I'm unfamiliar with a p130 or n75. Sorry. Good luck.
  6. shaark92

    Botched Timing Belt Job?

    I have the Colt II cam in mine. 245K miles ... changed at 158. Glad you're back up/TDIing again.
  7. shaark92

    2006 Headliner Replacement?

    I had a local shop replace mine. $200. Looks better than the factory. He also tinted my windows. Also GREAT JOB. "Mr Tint" in Stephenville Texas with all the air bags everywhere, I wasn't even going to consider attempting it ... especially not for $200. I'll snag a photo and add to my...
  8. shaark92

    Still going strong

    209K miles ... original. Kerma TDI performance tune. EGR delete. Colt II cam. Driving home from a trip yesterday, had a hot dog in a Chevy Duramax wanna play (term of endearment, I'm a big diesel truck guy, too) Full disclosure, BIG NW wind in the face yesterday ... to climb a 6-7% grade...
  9. shaark92

    2006 Jetta tdi - rear brakes

    wow ... I'm at 206K ... (original owner) original front pads and have replaced the rear ones once. y'all do know you don't mash on the pedals simultaneously, right? :P (100 mile one-way trip to work ... 2 traffic lights in that 100 miles ... and managing energy of a moving machine is...
  10. shaark92

    EGR Delete

    I have an '06 per my sig ... I had Steve Glover install a delete on my EGR with the cam replace, et al ... and Kerma tune. that was at 158K miles. Now has just over 206K. Couldn't be happier. I suppose the mileage deal might be a factor if your typical operation is crank, run 5 minutes...
  11. shaark92

    This is my buyback story

    Bought our '12 Jetta TDI in Sept '12 ... turned in today at Autobahn in Ft. Worth. When the money is in the bank ... I'll be happy with the deal. Should have had the appointment to turn-in 3 months ago ... but hey ... it's done now. Agent made note of the 70 miles difference in the...
  12. shaark92

    Benefits of going to a Colt Stage 2 Cam?

    I have one in my '06. Changed at 158K miles ... 194K today. No issues.
  13. shaark92

    Best Oil Yet? Renewable Lubricants: BioSyn 5w-40

    James ... Terry Dyson recommended this brand for my 6.7 F350. I've considered switching to it for my TDI from the Amsoil. I'll be taking a sample and sending to Dyson Analysis in the next month/so. The Ford 6.7 is susceptible to fuel dilution, so I'll be interested to see how that goes in...
  14. shaark92

    Made my turn in appointment today

    Thanks Dan. I know ... spit in one and wish in the other ... but I wish Trump would put the EPA back in its place. This was an absurd deal. Gonna miss that little car ... and blast 'em for devaluing my 06!
  15. shaark92

    Worth reading

    Hmm ... on a <$4000 blue book value car? That's what chaps me about this diesel gate nonsense ... the "non affected" cars ... affected. Don't his a possum! Been there, done that. $3800 repair. Insurance covered it, minus deductible, of course ... but that's when it was valued at >$20K. This...
  16. shaark92

    Made my turn in appointment today

    Still waiting for our authorization to make the drop off appointment. Gotta see the number, too. It's all theory right now. 2012 DSG with 80K now ... It's been sitting for 2 months. Didn't want to lose as much as 8500 on a total ... or worse, have to repair it for $3500. Still love the car...
  17. shaark92

    Key Won't Go In Ignition Switch

    thread resurrection ... spray silicone is yer friend. A can now rides in the trunk. Haven't had this problem since. Thanks to my now late retired-mechanic father who gave me the suggestion after I had this problem. 190K now on the little cruiser!
  18. shaark92

    TDI Pumpe Duse PD Cam Bearing Oiling and Related Wear (eddif)

    I had Steve Glover R/R my cam at 158K miles in Aug '16. Now right at 190K. No problems noted. Here today trying to determine if 507.00 in the '06 TDI will be bad. Thanks for pinging TD ... he's a good man and has put me on RLI for my 2011 6.7 PSD F350. I'll ask him this question. I have...
  19. shaark92

    VW Settles ... 14. BILLION

    Sorry if this has already been posted ... looks like the end of VW TDI in the States. sigh.
  20. shaark92

    VW TDI goodwill package: Offers $500 Visa cards & $500 dealer credits to TDI owners

    sorry if this has already been posted. looks like the end of TDI here in the States: