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    Finding Faulty TPMS Tire

    A little help please? 2014 JSW here. Had a flat on the Interstate and ruined the tire. Of course bought new 1 and now I have the "Low Tire" dash light on. Checked air pressure all around and they're all good so I figure the TPMS went bad on that 1 tire that I replaced. A lot of rubber debris...
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    While We're Talking Aboot CV Joints

    2014 JSW manual here with an inner passenger side CV joint starting to sling grease. OEM or after market replacement? And where to source from? Thanks!
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    6 speed manual here. I hate it that it's like I have to relearn how to drive every summer when starting to moving from a stop because the air conditioner is on and it dies when letting out the clutch. There should be a law that an accessory can't rob the engine of that much horsepower. Where's...
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    Help Interpreting Codes

    Can someone please put this in layman terms? Got the signature blinking glow plug light and check engine light is on. Vehicle bucks some. It threw the following codes - P0299 Turbo under boost P1005 Cyl 2 P1004 Cyl 1 P1006 Cyl 3 P1007 Cyl 4 I'm pretty sure I'm heading to the...
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    OBDeleven & Recirculating Air Control

    Right now my control defaults to allowing outside air in after start up. Can I use OBDeleven to switch the default setting where it is recirculating inside air after start up? 2014 JSW If so, how? Thanks & hope you're healthy
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    Storm Area 51

    Anybody going? The boy and I are. The crazy fuel mileage I'm getting has opened up a whole new sphere of influence.
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    2014 & Diesel Exhaust Fluid?

    Hi All. Got a 2014 Jetta TDI SW. Do I have to worry about DEF? Thanks!
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    OBDeleven & Fuel Filter Change

    Hi All. 2014 Jetta TDI SW newb here. With the ODBeleven set up am I able to cycle my fuel pump to prime the fuel filter canister after a filter change? Thanks!