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    In need of a cam gear ALH

    I am in need of a good cam gear for my 01 ALH motor. I bent mine while changing the timing belt. Please contact me with a price if you have one. Thanks, Dave
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    about to order spec 2 clutch. Which one doesn't make noise? SMF or DMF?

    I have a stage 2 Spec with a stock flywheel. I did this because I didn't want the vibration that the engine produces traveling through the single mass flywheel into my trans. Dave
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    Fuel pump timing

    I finished my timing belt change yesterday. I am wondering how far I can advance the fuel pump timing for optimum performance. If it matters I have a Speed Tuning chip mod and a K&N air filter. Thanks, Dave (Also thanks for the help yesterday with the timing belt tensioner setup.)
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    Premium Fuel Cetane

    I live in Pa and am interested in the cetane in both Shell and Gulf premium diesel. Thanks, Dave
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    Timing Belt Tension

    Thanks for all of the help. I just wrapped up and the car runs like a raped ape even befor I set up my injection pump with the vag-com. Thanks, Dave
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    99 A4 parting out for real this time

    I could use the front center vents, cup holder, and the engine cover. Thanks, Dave
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    Timing Belt Tension

    I just finished replacing my timing belt on my 2001 TDI. Before I button up the car I wanted to know if it is possible to set the initial tension on the automatic belt tensioner to tight. Thanks, Dave ( I need to finish this job today. Could someone please reply asap) Thanks Again.
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    A4 TDI engine measuring blocks/groups

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    A4 TDI engine measuring blocks/groups

    Thanks, That is a relief. Dave
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    A4 TDI engine measuring blocks/groups

    Yes the car ws fully warmed up.
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    A4 TDI engine measuring blocks/groups

    I am looking at my measuring blocks for the first time. In block 13 I got readings the are not balanced at all. #1= .09, #2= .05, #3= .14, #4= .00. As I am new can you please tell me if this is normal. Thanks.
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    TWB fuel sender for 2001 Jetta TDI

    I am looking for a replacement fuel sender for my 2001 Jetta. I broke mine a year ago while removing the check ball. It is currently JB Welded together.
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    Clutch Upgrade

    Where would I locate the info for a SPEC clutch?
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    532 MILE CLUB.. ECHO Echo echo . . ... . ?

    I am unsure what is considered good fuel economy, but with a heavy foot (80mph) average I will get 41 miles per gal. I have a 01 with a 5 speed and a Speed Tuning cpu mod.
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    Charge Pressure Control Code

    I am sorry for the late responce. I will investigate the problem today and post the results. Thanks, Dave
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    Clutch Upgrade

    Thanks for the info.Do you have any of the companies names? Thanks, Dave
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    Clutch Upgrade

    I know this is beeting a dead horse, but I need specifics about the clutch upgrade. I am aware that the clutch I need is the VR6. I am unsure about the flywheel. I need know what other VW the flywheel that I need comes from. Thanks, Dave
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    TDI 1.9 Engine cover for sale

    I am interested. $20.00 plus shipping.
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    Charge Pressure Control Code

    My Jetta popped a code today for the first time in about a year. The code is#17964.(Charge Pressure Control: Negative Deviation). I do not have a manual for the car. Is this a senser or a computer function that has gone bad? Thanks, Dave
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    I was driving my 2001 yesterday in the snow when all at once it shut down. I checked the belt and it appears to be fine. I suspected the fuel. I removed the pressure line from the injector pump and had nothing more than drips of fuel coming from the line while cranking the engine. I do use an...