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    Rear Seat Armrest

    There are two cupholders in the rear seat armrest with a smaller hole between them. What is the purpose of the smaller hole? Holding smaller cups?
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    New 2015s on Dealer Lot

    Noticed Jim Ellis Atlanta has several 2015 GSW TDIs with less than 100 miles for sale. They are asking 40-43k depending on trim level! My SE 6-speed was 24k out the door. Crazy time for car buying!
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    Yellow H15 DRL/High Replacement

    I put in a set of Hella H11 YL Xtreme Yellow 2900k bulbs for the fogs on my '15 GSW SE and love them. Looking to swap the H15 DRL/Highs as well. I am strongly leaning towards staying with halogen versus LED bulbs. Only options I am seeing are Nokya 2500k and GP Thunder 3500k. Any experiences...
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    MIB1 Head Unit

    Hello, fellow forum users! Any of you guys doing the MIB1 to MIB2 upgrade have your old head unit (5G0035844 or 5G0035878AX) you would like to sell? Mine is the Fender system. Or better yet, anyone know how to resolve the flicker issue without replacement? Looks just like this.
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    Atlanta Shop Recommendation

    3 yr/36k is up on the 2015 GSW TDI. I live on the north side of Atlanta (Doraville). Any good Indy shop recommendations? I really don't want to use Jim Ellis for off-warranty work considering my warranty experiences.
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    Pano Roof Won't Close

    It was a nice morning so I decided to tilt my sunroof on the way to work. The sunroof decided it did not want to close. I press the button to close and hear a relay click. I tried to open the sunroof and only hear a relay click. Anyone dealt with this issue? I have a couple months and thousand...
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    Backup Camera 5 MPH Speed Limit

    I have a fairly long driveway and have noticed the backup camera goes black over 5 MPH. Anyone found a way to change or modify this setting?