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    AC issue related to ext. temp gauge?

    Thanks for the info guys. Looks like I will stop in the dealership so the extended warranty can take care of it, if it will act up on me the same day I show up there. No climatronic for me, just the basic AC.
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    AC issue related to ext. temp gauge?

    In the last 2 years or so the exterior temerature gauge on the dash will throw out a few wild readings and I have noticed a new trend that I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing. Lately the temperatures have been reading in the range of -20F to 40F and changes rapidly. Some days it...
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    'Clunk' in front end...

    I have noticed the same thing in my '06 Jetta only when accelerating hard from a stop. I have had CV joint issues back when I had a '96 Jetta. This sounds more like when the engine mounts split. I haven't done any research into replacement options/costs for the '06. Any thoughts are apprciated.
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    I was told $1500 to replace the clutch. I told him it has been doing this almost as long as I have owned it and did discuss it with the dealer I purchased the car from with no response. I asked about the risk and he said if it goes out, i won't go anywhere. He is just trying to sell something...
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    dealer called / possible clutch issue. My '06 TDI 5sp (40k miles) is in the shop for routine service and the writer called to tell me they noticed that my clutch was developing a 'flat spot' causing it to shudder on take off. I have noticed that since I owned the car (12/05) and thought that...
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    0% APR on Jetta TDI

    I recieved the same ad, limited to Texas and Oklahoma residents. West Houston VW had about 15 in stock. I was told invoice + $500 if anyone is interested. Also 0% / 36mo.
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    rough idle, 5-spd

    same situation I have the same situation... Is it possible to change the engine speed at idle with a VAG-COM? I asked at the dealership if they could raise the idle ~25rpm and they said it wouldn't help, but they don't understand the problem.
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    high rev protection ? yes or no

    Yeah, i can confirm it cuts fuel injection in the 5100rpm neighborhood. I was having a little fun the otherday on the interstate and flew right past the redline and there was a well distinguised power reduction. This isn't something I would do on a regular basis.
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    Steering Noise

    I am driving a '06 TDI Pkg 1, 5sp with no mods to date. I have noticed a grinding sound when I turn while stopped or at low speeds (less than 5mph) only coming from the passenger side. The best description I can come up with would be similar to turning the wheel when stopped in a gravel...
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    Still no TDI :(

    Finally So I recieved a call today and my TDI had arrived. I ordered on October 6th and took delivery today (12/28) from West Houston VW. 2006 Jetta TDI - Platinum Gray - 5sp - Pkg 1 - XM The fun is just beginning.
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    VW hits it's C.A.F.E limit for diesel imports....

    Re: VW hits its CAFE limit for diesel imports.... I called the dealer who I ordered mine from to confirm this information about the CAFE limit & no more deliveries for 2005 and he said that is entirely possible. When mine was ordered in the first week of October, I was told to expect 12 weeks...