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    Anybody install an Exhaust brake?

    I blocked off the egr and now instead of getting a check engine code for mass air flow I get a code for egr system. Blocking off the egr did make the exhaust brake a lot more effective though.
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    Anybody install an Exhaust brake?

    I put a 3 inch exhaust cutout in my car the link below is what I installed. I recommend using a 2 inch because I had a very hard time stepping up from the 2 inch in my car to the 3 inch in the exhaust brake then back to 2 inch. There is no hole in this one but I think there are some leaks where...
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    Anybody install an Exhaust brake?

    I did I installed an exhaust brake. I have a push pull cable going next to the shifter so I can close it whenever I want. Mine does not have any wires involved at all. I think it does make a small noticeable effect in the engine braking, and it makes a major difference in power in I try to...
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    MAF symptom

    How can you log the requested vs the actual MAF?
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    Best To Downshift, or Ride Brakes Downhill?

    I tried the exhaust brake on my stick shift Jetta but it sets off the check engine light. The code is for mass air flow circuit range/performance.