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    Golf TDI still avaiable

    wife wants to trade her 05 TDI bug on a TDI Golf, are these still avaiable?
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    Emissions workshop light P2112

    I have a 2005.5 Jetta TDI Pkg 1 with 51K ( ya just out of warranty) Last week I had the emissions workshop light come on while running down the highway. The car ran fine so I pulled the ground off the battery and let it sit for a while and reconnected to clear the codes. I did this so I could...
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    bio anti-gel additive

    What can I put in b100 in the winter to keep it from gelling? I will be in temps from 30f/-10f
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    Black smoke, mileage drop,rough idle,hard start

    We have a new 2005 beetle TDI 7000 miles. It has started smoking, the mileage has dropped from 45 to 40, and when we start it after it sits in the heat it has a rough idle/miss. I followed her home and it blew smoke until it was up to cruising speed and then every time she touched the throttle...
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    05.5 Jetta oil extraction question (newbie)

    I just attempted the dipstick using the Mityvac 07201 extractor. I had the engine nice and warm. I started with the rear higher than the front and when I inserted the extraction tube it went to the bottom of the dipstick and stopped. I switched to the smaller tube and the same thing happened...
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    How does your Jetta drive?

    I have a 2005.5 Jetta 5spd Pkg1 TDI with 4500 miles. We also have a 2005 TDI 5psd Bug with 5500 miles. When I compare how the two cars drive I have to say the big drives much better. My Jetta is hard to shift, you really have to push/pull it into gear. When I am driving down the highway the...
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    Aftermarket XM radio in the new Jetta

    Does anyone have a aftermarket XM radio in their new Jetta, if so what did you get? The place here is telling me that they can't install XM (or Srius)because the antenna is apmlified. They don't have an adapter yet.
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    aftermarket antennas

    I just had the windows tinted and my radio reception went way down. Does this seem normal or should tint effect reception on these in-window antennas? Are there any aftermarket antennas out there that would look good on the new Jetta?
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    My first TDI

    Hello a newbi form Oregon here since I just took delivery of my VW and my first TDI. It is a 2005.5 Jetta 5-spd manual I figure I better stop being a lurker. These new cars a sweet! I can't believe the power from such a small diesel the first day I am averaging 48.9 mpg on the trip computer...