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    Idle smooth running control

    Thank for your reply. Sounds like my friend should not buy this car. It has "only" 160.000 km.
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    Idle smooth running control

    Hi. A friend of mine is thinking about buying a (used) VW passat 2002 1.9TDi 4motion 130HK PD engine (don’t know the engine code, but maybe ATM or something, it’s at least the PD 130HK 310NM engine). But I scanned the car, and got some “abnormal” (I think) readings from the “idle speed...
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    Key questions......

    Hmm, sure about that UWE ? I thought only immo 4 and 5 had the SKC stored in both ? But I might be wrong :) Tarjei, Norway
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    Key questions......

    AFAIK, the SKC is not stored in the ECU, it is stored in your instrument cluster (immobilizer).
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    ECU Error Codes Unreadable - HELP

    BULL**** !! Most of the fault codes will never turn on the CEL.
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    Lock Problem

    It's a VAG "feature". When there is water inside the lock, and it freezes, it "expands" a tab that will prevent the lock to "engage" to the rest of the mechanism. Crappy explanation, but you know what I'm trying to tell. The same thing has happened to me. Try to spray a liquid into the lock...
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    Vag Com and channel 4

    Well, you STILL don't have told me type of car or engine code (2000 TDi, do you know how many 2000 TDi engines there are ?). But, I can make a qualified guess, and on a european car of this year most of the settings would be 32768 as default. That said, I can NOT guarantee that this was YOUR...
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    Vag Com and channel 4

    You don't tell me what car you have. But on the old Fiat's that's the Injection Timing. DON'T mess with it.
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    Specific gravity and how it effects a battery

    It's impossible to tell from the information you give.
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    tdi error code 16764

    Uppsss, this code is the dreaded "Timing belt not installed correctly, at least one of your valves has been damaged" ! Sorry, just kidding :-) This code is because of something with your glow plugs. Check them, and also their wiring.
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    Airbag Light... ok to scan???

    I would start the engine and then scan the airbag module (or connect a charger). This is to keep the voltage well above 12-13V. A low voltage when scanning your airbag module can in a very few rare situations destroy your module (set the dreaded 65535 code).
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    Specific gravity and how it effects a battery

    Well, if you have a 12V battery and it shows 12V when measured without a load then it IS discharged. A FULLY charged (and I mean a fully charged, not many chargers will actually fully charge a battery) would show over 13V when measured without a load. Actually it will show approx. 15V when...
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    Switched 12V source 2005 Passat

    The 75/X terminal on your relay plate IS switched power directly from the load reduction relay. Easy and safe to use.
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    VAG-COM NUKED Airbags

    Well, in this particular question we are talking about the lower part of the A pilar, the part located just by your feet when you are seated in the car (and note: I'm talking about the right side, not drivers side). The color coding is from a european wiring diagram for audi A4, don't know if...
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    VAG-COM NUKED Airbags

    I really does not sound like you have taken apart the covering on the a pillar where the ground connections is. But the ground connection MIGHT be on the right side of the car. At least on my Audi A4 2001, according to the wiring diagram, there should be a yellow 10 pin connector on the right...
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    voltage question? does anybody know?

    Okay, so what your saying is that voltage should be at 12V with the engine running ? BULL**** When the voltage is at 12V with the engine running something IS broken.
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    Mass Airflow meter fault. Does the ECU need to be reset?

    Tjaaaa, some people says that there actually IS a procedure, but if this is bs or actually a real procedure I don't know. Copyed from another thread: ---- Try the ECU reset procedure. 1. With car off, depress accelerator pedal all the way to the floor. 2. Turn key to on position but do not...
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    CEL - Fault code P0442

    Get a real scantool like VAG-COM ?
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    voltage question? does anybody know?

    It should be "charging", or at least deliver power to the car's electrical equipment as long as the engine is running. And you should have above 13v on the battery with the engine running. To me this sounds like a bad voltage regulator, but if the mechanic checked the alternator (and if he...
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    Timing too retarded to plot?

    It's on a sticker (located both somewhere on your car, and also on the first page in your service book, or whatever you call it in english), and also probably somewhere in the engine compartment. Maybe also on a small sticker on top of the cover to your timing belt.