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    Requiescat in Pace, John Jackson

    I too was a victim of the crap FB algorithm and didn't see this until today. All the times I met John, he was the best. I too am a fiery personality and I think he liked that. He has been so good to Matt and everyone in the TDI community. He will be greatly missed. </3
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    CP3 fuel pump upgrade thread

    Quick question about the CP3 and warranty - kid brother just got a buyback 2012 Golf TDI with 42k on it. It has CPO 2 year unlimited miles warranty and the 120k drivetrain/emissions warranty as required by the settlement with VW and the EPA. Does the CP3 swap void either/both? He's not doing...
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    SUMMERFEST 2020 IS CANCELLED. NAIAS has been cancelled.

    I certainly hope things iron out by June. Fingers crossed!! <3 Miss y'all.
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    2020 NorCal GTG

    Yes! Matt has worked at a dealer for about a year and on his own for the past 5 years and on his own cars a lot before that. He has dealt with pano roofs, but they are a bit of a pain to deal with. He can do ANYTHING on any TDI. We own many different ones. My Y2k Beetle, his 2004 V10 Touraeg, a...
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    01M Transmission problem

    Manual swap is the best way to "fix" an 01M. They're flaming piles of fail.
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    WTB: 2012+ Passat TDI w/ 6 MT, East Coast?

    The 6M NMS Passats were never given an official "fix" during the scandal and ensuing buyback. The DSG cars were, but NOT the manuals. This is likely why you're having such an issue finding one. The ones "sold back" were destroyed b/c of a lack of fix. I know of only one that was kept by the...
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    200,000 mile club... roll call!

    Hell, I have one over 200k now! My Y2K Beetle that I've owned for nearly 9 years crossed over 200k last summer. It now sits at 212k. I'm the third owner and have had it since 124,800mi on the odo. No major repairs aside from maintenance, did a turbo and tune at 140ish and a clutch not long...
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    TDI fest 2019-2020

    In 2013 for Maine Fest, Matt-98AHU and I drove from Santa Maria, CA to Newry, ME. Close friends of ours drove from Vacaville, CA. We are tentatively planning to be at fest in June in Ypsi/Detroit this summer. We would be coming from Vallejo, CA. :D
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    2020 NorCal GTG

    Come on over to Marin County. Matt Phelan (aka Matt-98AHU) has his own shop in San Anselmo. Here's his thread. I'm his girlfriend, you can reach out to either of us. His profile has a direct link to his email. I know we're not super local to...
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    SUMMERFEST 2020 IS CANCELLED. NAIAS has been cancelled.

    Holy heck. This just might have to happen. I had employment plans for this summer, but I'll see what I can work out. Plus, I just wanna see everyone again!!! <3 <3 <3 Have missed you all. It's been a long two years with my face stuck in accounting books. But I can see the light at the end of...
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    Matt Phelan/Matt-98AHU now wrenching in San Anselmo

    Hey all. Matt is still wrenching away. The landlord got REALLY picky about some cars hanging out too long, so he's stuck working on said project until it's done. Plus she's trying to sell the building. If you've tried to inquire about work getting done and haven't gotten a reply, that's...
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    12th Annual Detroit Auto Show GTG - NAIAS 2019 - the FINAL Winterfest!

    See you all there! REALLY excited for the Summer Auto Show stuff in June starting in '20....if we end up getting together. Makes a great excuse for a yearly road trip for sure. The Belle Isle Grand Prix grabs my attention if the auto show doesn't! :D
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    Bay Area Meetups?

    Hullo. I'm hella late to this game. Matt and I are down for hanging out/canyon shenanigans/good food, but no wrenching, sorry. We have a shop now :)
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    11th Annual Detroit Auto Show GTG - NAIAS 2018 - January 20 (aka WINTERFEST)

    Oh hey guys. I never check in here anymore and had to request a password reset. I'm terrible. Anywho, just got paid again on the 15th, and working lots of overtime at my temp job. Looks like I'll be able to afford a couple nights at the hotel and we'll be buying flight tickets really soon...
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    10th Annual Detroit Auto Show GTG - NAIAS 2017 - January 14 (aka WINTERFEST)

    With my brother in Toledo. See you all soon!
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    10th Annual Detroit Auto Show GTG - NAIAS 2017 - January 14 (aka WINTERFEST)

    I like Sidetracks. Arbor Brewing Company Corner Brewery? Holy crap, yes please. Their food is on point, and their beer is amazing. In case you all didn't know, Matt and I are IN! Filling out my survey promptly.
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    10th Annual Detroit Auto Show GTG - NAIAS 2017 - January 14 (aka WINTERFEST)

    John Jackson, do come along. Matt and I are gonna make this one come hell or high water. We've missed the last 2, and that stings. My family also misses me during the coming home is kind of obligatory now. We are a fun and crazy group out east. <3 It's on our list to be home...
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    Every State West of Ohio

    Wish I would've seen this sooner! The boyfriend and I have a TDI specific shop that was right along your route in Marin County, CA. Ah well! Glad to see you had a nice time. I was born and raised in Bowling Green, OH. My sister from another mister (while we were kids) graduated from Holgate...
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    Those codes COULD be related to what Mark referred to up here.
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    B5.5 4mo BHW swap

    Matt and I have all intentions of doing this same principle with an Audi Allroad. :D I look forward to your updates!