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    Memorial Gathering for Oilhammer's son, St. Louis MO 04/22/17

    I regret to announce the sad news of the passing of renowned TDI Club member Oilhammer's youngest son Nicholas from complications of his condition. He was only 12. There will be an informal memorial gathering this Saturday April 22nd in St. Louis, MO, (Affton MO more specifically) at the...
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    After 260k miles, traded out my original TDI* for a new Jetta*

    *floor mat :p Happy 'Fools day ya'll....
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    "TDI" monster mats discontined/superceeded

    "TDI" monster mats discontinued/superceeded If you want a new set, ever, best get some now, IF you can. Be careful though, if you ask for TDI ones they may hand you generic model ones, in my case "Jetta"....two dealers tried to pull this and I turned them down. 6 dealers in this town, I checked...
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    Happy Anniversary Dieselgate Scandal!

    It's been a lovely first year of drama, arguing, anxiety, resentment, disparagement, name-calling and general stress of this blown-out-of-porportion real-world at-the-end-of-the-day non-issue of worldwide make-an-example-of scapegoat pariahship that unfairly isn't applied to countless examples...
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    FED UP with my disintegrating Jetta- Suing for lemon buyback & compensation!!

    As some may know I bought a new Jetta nearly 5 years ago as an investment for taxicab contractorship. Currently it has served some 20,000 customers over 295,000 miles. The usage is averaging about 30 mph, with a 50/50 city/highway ratio. We all know how cheap and crappy the materials and...
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    Post your palindrome odometer reading pics here!

    Since I don't have much technical use here on this forum I like to proliferate the silly and nearly pointless statistical threads about odometer mileages and mpg comparisons and stuff like that so I bring you all yet another freaking mileage thread we have too many of already probably BUT WAIT I...
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    WTB: MK6 Jetta Sedan Interior- Titan Black Leatherette

    Looking for door cards and seats in excellent condition at a good price of course. ;) Biggest priorities are right rear door panel, rear seat bottom, manual heated front driver seat, but interested in stockpileing a whole interior possibly, like from a low-mileage total. Willing to drive a fair...
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    TDI Taxi Actual Customer Comments

    I probably should have started this thread a long time ago, and I still have mixed feelings about it as I write, but here goes. As you may or may not know, I took a brand new 2011 Jetta TDI sedan 6MT and immediately put it into service as a full-on proper commissioned taxicab about 51 months...
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    MK6 Jetta CJAA Turbo Failure Guide For Dummies

    (Forum/TDI veterans: Entire synopsis of this whole post is expressed in the last 14 words of boldface print at the bottom. ;)) Hopefully my self-mortifying tale here may be of benefit to someone...because in it I was the dummy mentioned in the title, and this advice may save you much grief...
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    Scene from my brother's stickshift lesson

    So my brother decided to plunge into the three-pedal world with little prior experience by buying a new 2015 Jetta S 5MT he picked up for under $15k. :cool: He came to me for a quick tutorial in the art of driving a manual. ;)
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    St. Louis area TDI countryside tour

    I love a country drive. I've arranged casual tour driving events before, I guess I'm getting a little hankering for one again. :o A nice fall weekend day , a cruise through a couple hundred miles of backroad scenery, find a nifty place for a meal. Simple. Anyone else up for such a thing this...
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    A TDI-ous, dragged-out thread for 2 guys in a generally pointless race to 300k miles

    Short summary in a long title. You=warned. ;) Another member (TomJD) and I have decided to have a race to 300,000 miles. :cool: In this corner: TomJD's 2000 Jetta 5MT road warrior with ~251,000 miles. Taking on Dozenspeed's venerable workhorse, a 2011 Jetta 6MT with ~202,500...
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    &@%$#!-#@&^%%$ raccoon!!!

    Okay so at least I'm not the raccoon.... After all the bits have been put back in their grooves and such, the only real damage seems to be this crack in the bumper. Seeking advice on the best, least noticeable fix (type of specialist, maybe a reference in St. Louis Missouri, product, tactic...
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    I want a "hold and release" control for my regens

    The title sums it up...but to clarify: The regens don't always come at the best time. It would make me happy if WHEN the car needed to regen, it would alert me but not do it, with a button to allow me to fire off the regen process when I want. This way I can have it while on the highway, and...
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    St. Louis Is Finalizing A Proposal for TDIFest 2014

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the next evolutionary step in the manifestation of TDI Fest being held in St. Louis, Missouri USA Labor Day Weeked 2014. :) VeeDubTDI has gone over arrangements with a promising hotel venue that seems to hit all the usual notes and requirements of what has...
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    MK6 Jetta Mileage/Boasting Thread

    This is a simple ;) data collection thread similar to others you may have seen scattered around the forums. Some are more formal than others, but among the many "mileage" ones within the various forums, the concept and intent often gets digressed and scattered. Anyway I thought it would be...
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    WTB: 1-4 OEM 16" MK6 Jetta TDI wheel(s)

    WTB: 1-4 OEM 16" MK6 Jetta TDI wheels Looking for 1 to 4 spare wheels in servicable condition (ie, "true"), for a good price. Will pick up within 100 miles of St Louis Metro area and will pay cash. PM or reply if you have some to unload. They look like this: sorry for the fuzzy pic.
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    Jetta MK6 and the Torque App for Android via ELM327 OBDII Adapter

    Jetta MK6 and the Torque App for Android via ELM327 OBDII Adapter You may or may not have heard of this thing but I have now tried it out for myself and have to tell you it is more fun than a bucket of puppies for the $35 I spent. (not including phone of course) You can get some more...
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    My Sweet Germexican Mistress

    I'm really smitten with my VW TDI, despite the issues and the critics, it's my first one. I love the way it looks and life with it has been so far so good. I like taking photos of it and have taken many in general and for that driving game thread. So I thought others might enjoy a compiled...